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  nsmith 12:02 22 Oct 2007

My (C) drive is currently running with only 2.67 GB of free space left. A friend just installed and formatted an additional hard drive. I am in the process of uninstalling some programs from my (C) and reinstalling them to my (F). When I do this, I recheck my (C) drive and the space still reads 2.67 GB. People have suggested that I simply use my new hard drive to store my document files etc., and not install programs on it, but all of my document files are on disks as it is. My kids have taken over my computer and I have nothing left of my own on it. Their iTune and other programs are consuming my space. I want all of their things on this new hard drive. Do I have to have an operating system on my new (F) drive... or do I already since it was reformatted? Also, if I need an OS on my (F), can this be done without my having to take apart my tower again? As you can tell, I am a beginner here. How can I see that space is freed up on my (C) drive, without spending any more money on this?

  brundle 12:09 22 Oct 2007

Use Spacemonger to see what is taking up the most space; click here

  Taff™ 12:29 22 Oct 2007

This is a continuation of another post click here

In my opinion, you should leave your original C drive with all the programs on it and the OS. Use the new drive purely for data. If necessary create specific folders for each of the kids and make sure that they alter the default storage folders for iTunes to F:\Kiddy1\Music & F:\Kiddy2\Music etc.

If you are using XP make sure each user, you and the kids have separate User login`s. This will make the process easier and also provide you with a certain amount of privacy. Your documents will be in separate folders to theirs for example.

If you have some programs installed on C drive and others on F drive you are heading for disaster. If your C drive fails for any reason nothing will work, not even the programs on F drive since the registry is on C drive. Whatever data you have on C drive may be lost.

First thing I would do in your situation is to move (even temporarily)all the music folders to F drive. Run CCleaner & then run a defrag.

  Taff™ 12:30 22 Oct 2007

Ccleaner click here

  nsmith 12:36 22 Oct 2007

The problem is, my system isn't allowing me to run my defrag due to only having 2.67 GB of free space left. I'm getting the message that my free space is critically low. I can't figure out how to free up space on it. I saved all of the iTune music to a separate folder in my (F) drive, and then went back into my (C) drive into my add/remove (C) program and uninstalled iTunes completely. Then, I go to "My Computer" and run "Disk Cleanup" and it doesn't show any space was freed up at all.

  nsmith 12:48 22 Oct 2007

I just installed and ran that Ccleaner and now I have a whopping 2.80 GB of free space. My system tells me I can't run my defrag unless I have at least 5.0 GB of free space. Interestingly, my system has always run very well and is fast. I just can't run the necessary maintenance on it due to this limited free space.

  keef66 12:49 22 Oct 2007

I just had the same problem. An 80 gb C: drive which was virtually full, so full in fact that defrag wouldn't complete. Couldn't really identify anything we could usefully delete or uninstall, so decided a bigger HDD was required. 250 gb disk £40 from ebuyer installed as slave, then the entire C: drive cloned to the new disk using Acronis True Image 10 (wouldn't do it from Windows so I had to do it from the bootable Acronis disk)

Old disk out and new one in as master, let Windows validate itself again, job's done. My C: drive is now 2/3 empty, the kids can go on adding to I-tunes until they leave home, and I have an 80 gig HDD to put in my old 98se comp.

  brundle 12:49 22 Oct 2007

At the risk of repeating myself, use Spacemonger for visual representation of what is using space on your HD

  nsmith 12:51 22 Oct 2007

Brundle- I downloaded and ran spacemonger. iTunes is the biggest problem.

  nsmith 12:54 22 Oct 2007

Keef- My problem is that I can't afford a 250GB. A friend gave to me and installed an 80 GB as my secondary. The hard drive that came with my computer here is only a 27.8 GB.

  nsmith 12:55 22 Oct 2007

I have to go to work now :-(
I'll check back this evening to see if there are any more comments here. I'm happy to have this help!

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