C drive vanished after partition changes

  bumpkin 21:08 14 Sep 2012

Hi, can anyone help here please. I made an earlier posting asking for a link to free partitioning software. I downloaded Partition Wizard which seemed exactly what I wanted. Made some partitions bigger by using unallocated space and it told me to restart to save changes Could not reboot it not even in safe mode. I can reboot from my backup drive but now this can`t even see what was my C drive. The last thing I want to do is a reinstall so I would appreciate any suggestions. I have had to post this on another PC.

Thanks Ray

  lotvic 00:19 15 Sep 2012

"I can reboot from my backup drive but now this can't even see what was my C drive"

Is your backup drive an internal HDD? Is it a clone of your original C: ? if so then that 'backup' will have had its drive letter re-assigned to be the C: drive that pc boots up from.

Please list your previous set up, with details of drive letters and partitions on each HDD

Now list what you have done with the partitoning and what you altered each to

And list what is connected now and what you see in W7 Disk Management. ClickHere for How to

Drive (0) is your main HDD and should contain C: and any partitions on that drive.

Drive (1) is your next HDD........ etc etc.

And finally list the arrangement you want to achieve as your end result.

Do not alter anything yet.

  rdave13 00:27 15 Sep 2012
  woody 00:36 15 Sep 2012

I hope it is ok if i ask a similar question.I would like to combine two drives - I know how to do that when one has no files on it. Drive one has folder a - drive two has folder a - but they do not have the same programs in folder a. There are many other folders in the same position both have b/c/d/ etc. I would like all programs in "a" to go into the other "a" etc. Is cut and past the best or is there another quicker way?

  rdave13 00:42 15 Sep 2012

woody With respect, please start your own thread as bumpkin has enough problems as is without any one answering your problem on bumkins thread. Hope you understand.

  rdave13 00:49 15 Sep 2012

If you have a retail Win 7 disk then remove all other drives connected onboard or usb. Try a repair installation.

Link Win 7 forums.

  bumpkin 16:32 15 Sep 2012

Thanks all, don`t know what woody was thinking :-) I gave up last night before reading todays postings and reinstalled from the disk. Lost a lot of stuff but it is so much faster it may have been worthwhile. I can recover some of it from the backup I hope. Just need to get a browser to work so I can access the net. Internet explorer that was reinstalled will not work nor does firefox that I have on a cd but they are both very old versions. I can get net access if I boot from the backup, is there any way I can transfer or copy the software?


  KRONOS the First 18:05 15 Sep 2012

You might need to install motherboard drivers particularly the LAN ones which I always have to install from my motherboard driver disk after a reinstall of Windows 7.

  bumpkin 20:08 15 Sep 2012

Hi all, I can`t understand why everyone thinks I am using Windows 7, if I have said that somewhere in the posting then my error, please point it out for a humbling apology. The PC, my daughters is running XP Home.

Thanks for your help so far, I won`t close just yet as still not fully sorted.


  bumpkin 00:26 16 Sep 2012

Hi, back again, my router is connected to the net but I cannot get a connection using the C drive that I had to restore. I had a brief connection with a usb stick from my main PC and was able to download Firefox which worked until I rebooted then nothing. I have PCI wired card and PCI wireless cards both installed with the correct software, also tried various USB pen drives four in all but nothing would show in in Int connections, the only thing that shows is 1934 Connection which I assume is the router to the net connection not the PC to the router.

I can boot from my backup drive and all works OK but it says I am not administrator so I cant even set a restore point. If I could clone this to the C drive which I can`t anyway I would still not have admin rights.

All I need is to somehow access the net from the current C drive then I can probably sort most things out

  lotvic 01:25 16 Sep 2012

A 1394 Net Adaptor Connection is a Firewire interface installed in your system. (it looks a bit like a usb port)

IEEE 1394 is more commonly known as Firewire and is mostly used to connect to peripherals such as digital cameras, camcorders and some external hard drives. It can also be used to network two Firewire-equipped systems together, achieving 12.5 to 50MBps transfer speeds. Firewire networking use is limited because of its 15ft cable length limitation.

It has nothing to do with your router connection to the Internet.

If you have re-installed W7 from the DVD you need to install the motherboard drivers as per Chronus says in post at 6:05PM

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