C drive question

  frenchman96 09:02 23 Nov 2011

I use xp and am a reasonable competent pc user, but always wanting to learn more, and |I have a query.

My memory is 80 gb which is ample for me, especially as I store my pics on Picasa and memory sticks, the same with my music and films.

Anything else, I keep in my docs so its easu for backups.

So when I c/o my computer/ r/c c drive/r/c properties, I see the following.

Used space 28gb free space 46gb

But I cant see what uses the 28gb and my docs is only 580 mb, where else can it be?


  Nontek 09:10 23 Nov 2011

Approximately 15Gb of that space is your XP OS, so that only leaves about 13Gb for everything else on your PC, which is not a lot!

Your memory is not 80Gb - you hard drive Capacity is 80Gb, memory is something else.

  onthelimit1 09:29 23 Nov 2011

'I store my pics on Picasa'

Picasa simply displays pictures stored on your hard drive - it isn't a store in itself.

  frenchman96 09:53 23 Nov 2011


Nontek, that makes sense ta. And i used wrong term, should know as I have just added Memory Ram.

Onthe limit1 I should have said Picasa web albums, as they are not on pc, but on net if I am not mistaken/

Once again, great forum as replies are always prompt.

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