C Drive increased ?? & deleting system restores

  gazmix 19:51 12 Feb 2007

Maybe some of you know i've had issues with Bluetooth & have several times uninstalled the software. Some of wich stays on the pc after uninstallation.

So i created some system restore points & also noticed that when i deleted programmes i don't use like old Java updates etc!, they have all been added to System restore dates!

Since this, my c-drive used space has dramatically increased. Could this be the 6 or 7 restore points? How do i delete restore points, it just says i can delete last one!

I still have same programmes on pc as before, but C-drive has increased so much, by 2/3 rds. How do i decrease this

  ed-0 19:57 12 Feb 2007

Sorry to see you are still haveing problems with you bluetooth dongle.:-(

What size is your "C" drive.

  woodchip 19:57 12 Feb 2007

Go into Restore and First turn off on other partitions and External drives you do not need them. Then on the Main C:\ drive turn it down to 8% Restart comp

  gazmix 20:25 12 Feb 2007

Woodchip, i went to system restore can't find any of what you said!
I just get the 3 options on the right to delete, create & restore & on the left, system restore settings. I've looked in there & can't see whet you say! 8% restart comp ??

EDd, it's only 7.01 GB embarrasingly, but i only use it for the internet & emails.
Now 5.85 GB is used & 1.15 GB is free, before i did the restores & installed & reinstalled the bluetooth software, it was about 50/50.
Amateur i know

  woodchip 20:37 12 Feb 2007

Click on each drive, bottom on the Left I think it is for settings on the first page. I cannot be more specific as I am on my 98se at the moment.

  ed-0 20:44 12 Feb 2007

woodchip and I are talking about the system restore in control panel.

system restore will be using 12% of your hard drive space. So for a 7Gb hard drive, that would be around 840Mb. Quite a lot for a small hard drive.

I would goto start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore. Go back to your first restore point, the oldest one.

When the computer has rebooted. Right click my computer > properties > system restore > highlight "C" and pick settings. Move the slider down to 250Mb. This should give you scope for one or two restore points.

Go back to system tools > system restore and create a new restore point, call it good.

Now download and run crap cleaner. it's free click here. Untick the cookies section if you want to keep your web passwords.

When you have done all that. Check what space you have on the hard drive.

  ed-0 20:48 12 Feb 2007

Like this click here

  gazmix 20:54 12 Feb 2007

I'll have a go at that, but earlier, i tryed to restore back to 2nd earliest on Feb 5th & it took like 1 & half hrs & then when it rebooted it said ' system couldn't restore to that point'
It took ages.

Couldn't i just keep deleting last one until all gone?

Is it safe to turn pc off during a restore

  ed-0 20:58 12 Feb 2007

" Is it safe to turn pc off during a restore "

Defiantly NOT!!!!!

  gazmix 21:06 12 Feb 2007

As i said, my last restore that worked was lastnight!

I tryed to do what you said Ed earlier
Go to my 1st restore point.
It took nearly 2 hours & then after reboot, it said failed & the restore i did last night was then the last one!

I've seen the slider on System restore settings, it's on full.
Couldn't i turn it down & then reboot. If i can't restore to my 1st restoration like i tryed, i'm stuck!

  ed-0 21:13 12 Feb 2007

" I've seen the slider on System restore settings, it's on full.
Couldn't i turn it down & then reboot. "

Yes. then create a new restore point.

then run crap cleaner.

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