"C" drive gone west ???

  TBH1 09:37 20 May 2003

Last night my PC 'locked' up - - and noticed a 'clicking' sound, not dis-similar to the sound that comes from the "A" drive. I rebooted PC to find the dreaded "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER".
Is this as terminal as I think ??

I booted from floppy and could not switch to this drive, but could to my secondary, D drive - - now recognised as C drive, and noticed amongst other things, 2 up to date files, IMAGE.DAT and IMAGE.BAK, both about 64mb in size - - -any ideas what creates/ uses these ?

If , as I suspect, the disk is u/s, as I have a secondary drive installed (unfortunately without a current back-up on!!), would it be possible, after changing cables and dip switches etc, to load my operating system onto this drive, without losing the stuff already on there ?

Lastly, certainly with this thread - - are these drives 'repairable' ?? As it seems a mechanical problem, is there a way of fixing or simply not feasible ??

Grateful for any help here .

  The Spires 09:49 20 May 2003

The only way I can see would be to take your second drive to a friend or at worst a relative with a working PC & use Partition Magic or the like to partition the drive leaving you at least 3 Gig for your operating system.
As this would involve dismantling his/her pc and making your second drive the slave in their Pc they would have to be of the understanding type. Having said that if you were able to get to that stage it would be an idea to copy your data on the second drive onto your phantom friends Cd writer assuming he/she has one.
Have you looked in your Pc to check the power supply plug and even the ribbon cable to you main drive it may be worth a look.

  Gongoozler 09:50 20 May 2003

Hi TBH1. First it is almost certain that the drive is dead and not economically repairable. If it contains any very valuable data, it is possible that a specialist data recovery company could get this off the disk, but it would be very expensive.

I think you may be able to install the operating system on your second drive, but I have never tried it, and think it may require repartitioning the drive with a utility such as Partition Magic.

With new drives selling at about £50 I think it would be better just to fit a new C drive and keep your other drive for backups.

I think IMAGE.DAT & IMAGE.BAK are Norton Ghost files from a backup of your C drive, and so should enable you to recover the drive contents as they were when the backup was created.

  The Spires 09:51 20 May 2003

Regarding repair, quite a few drives used to come with a three year warranty Maxor & Western Digital for instance, you may still be covered.

  TBH1 10:01 20 May 2003

thanks for these - - - I intend opening PC tonight, 1.30 this morning a little late even for me !!
My system now is a month or two over the 3 years - - -ain't that always the way ??? Am searching dabs as we speak for a new disc and as you say £50 isn't much for a working PC - - I am just so annoyed I'm gonna lose all my stuff from the old C drive. This is an absolute double wammy for me - - -I work in the IT industry, though not PC's, and I am always , always expressing the need for regular back-ups. I have absolutely no excuse at all as I have a secondary disc to do this, also CD writer.
Believe me, if it was possible to kick myself, I would certainly do so.

  Xevious 10:08 20 May 2003

you're so right there, i'm the same, doing pc repair work (moonlighting) and keep stressing the importance of backups, yet i've just lost about 2yrs worth of digital photos due to not listening to my own advice!

we must stop thinking that "it won't happen to me!"...

installing a new drive is by far the best option (and cheapest) as you'd pay a small fortune in following the other options.

good luck

  NadineCoyleRocks 10:09 20 May 2003

I'm confused!

Depending on what OS you plan on loading on your secondary drive I dont necessarily see the need to repartition? If it were Windows XP or 2000 surely partition magic wouldnt be required??

  Peter 10:13 20 May 2003


As it seems that your C: drive has died it might be useful for you to view a file that I have "200ways.rtf", which describes lots of ways to resurect a dead hard drive, even if only for long enough to get the data off of it.

Email me (use the little yellow envelope icon) if you would like me to email it to you.


  TBH1 12:37 21 May 2003

Having tried one or two methods as per Peter's document above ( which included freezing and dropping from a great height), could still not kick this into life so went a bought a new one. However, my system now stuck on 16 colours, and modem, graphix and sound cards not recognized - - - would this just be a driver issue ?

  anchor 13:00 21 May 2003

I would say it is. I assume that you do not already have the drivers for them; you might have received them when you got the PC.

If not, try and identify your graphic and sound card, also your modem. You should then be able to download the necessary drivers from the web.

  TBH1 13:09 21 May 2003

have just found drivers for sound card and graphics card - - -couldn't make out what modem I have so will mayber try a generic one.

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