C Drive filling up ?

  Miros 08:57 10 Nov 2006

I Did a complete recovery a couple of weeks ago, already my C Drive is showing 83% full. My programmes take up 588 MBs my Documents 118 MBs.

When I do a defrag more than half is shown in Red which is according to the legend fragmented files, but after several defrag's it remains Red and unchanged.

I am trying to understand what is taking up 35 GB on my hard drive, or is my PC telling me lies. Will it be correct can anyone explain please.

On the full recovery my system went from a Fat 32 to NTFS. I also have a D drive with 634 MBs on it but that is still Fat 32.

  ed-0 09:01 10 Nov 2006

right click drive in my computer, properties. What is the used space and the free space of the drive?

Check your system restore settings. For a 35Gb hard drive, it could use as much as 4Gb of your hard drive.

  Miros 09:08 10 Nov 2006

Used = 29.02 GB
Free =5.99 GB
Total Capacity + 35.2 GB
Sorry for delay.

  Miros 09:13 10 Nov 2006

"Check your system restore settings. For a Gb hard drive, it could use as much as Gb of your hard drive."
That would seem about right, since I now have a full back up on an external hard drive do I need system recovery?

  Miros 09:16 10 Nov 2006

"I am trying to understand what is taking up 35 GB on my hard drive, or is my PC telling me lies. Will it be correct can anyone explain please."

This should be 29 GB's not 35 GB's !!

  ed-0 09:40 10 Nov 2006

Then try treesize click here

this should tell you what size is used in your folders.

  Miros 11:15 10 Nov 2006

Example of what comes up, can't give hash sign?

arc_ (hash)1106123601994 = 14.256 MB & objects 17 kb wasted 53% of Parent.
The above example is followed by a similar one giving a a total of 6.469 MB or 24% of parent.

This is only part of the report. Is the above quoted the operating system?
If so can I take it that it's the operating system that takes up the bulk of the hard drive?

Thanks for your help, just trying to get to grips about what is what, also have I got wasted space?

  brundle 11:48 10 Nov 2006

that would appear to be a temporary folder.
the OS will be in the c:\windows folder (or c:\Winnt if you are running windows 2000) and your program files in c:\program files - `documents and settings` or `my documents` make up the 3 biggest folders on most average systems.
have treesize sort the columns by size.

a 14mb folder is not going to have much impact on a 35gb drive...

  brundle 11:49 10 Nov 2006

The `wasted space` Treesize refers to is to do with `cluster size` and not something to worry about. click here for more info

  Miros 12:13 10 Nov 2006

Must admit I'm getting lost here, getting back to my C drive I'm informed that 29 GB has been used leaving 5.90 free.

This is on a reinstalled system, I can't understand what is using all that space, my documents and programmes are only using approximately 1GB at most.

What's using the say 28 GB's can you explain this?
I'm really puzzled.

  brundle 12:15 10 Nov 2006

This will give you a visual representation of used disk space; click here

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