C drive disc full

  BingoBoy 13:22 06 Aug 2012

The disc on my rather ancient Dell Dimension 2400 has a capacity of 74GB running XP home SP3. A good few months ago I purchased an external hard drive and moved all my pictures off my PC onto the external hard to free up about 15GB of disc space. I was surprised to get a warning message over the weekend saying that I didn't have enough disc space left whilst I was trying to restore one of my kids IPOD touch. I can't understand what is taking up so much disc space. I don't have any material amounts of music on my PC, I do have 1GB of pictures but none of the other files amount to a huge amount so any ideas what is eating my disc space? A couple of months back I purchased 2 IPOD touch's (the 8gb versions)and as a result reinstalled the dreaded Itunes. I am therefore assuming that Itunes holds a back-up of each so must be taking upto 16GB of space if they were both full but they are not. Can I utilise my external hardrive to site Itunes so it does not clog up my PC? If so how do I do this?

  birdface 13:33 06 Aug 2012

Maybe try running disc clean up to see what that will remove.You could also remove all but the last restore point while in there.

Maybe do a defrag and see if that helps.

Apart from that not got a clue but no doubt someone else will be able to give you further advice.

  KRONOS the First 13:35 06 Aug 2012

What you should be doing is buying a decent sized HDD (500GB) and replacing the rather paltry 80GB one that you currently have. It is a simple enough process to clone your current HDD to a new bigger one and then replace the smaller one.

  BingoBoy 13:35 06 Aug 2012

Disc clean up cleared about 500MB. How do you remove restore points?

  Secret-Squirrel 13:41 06 Aug 2012

TreeSize Free is an excellent tool that'll show you where all the disk space has gone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 06 Aug 2012

If your happy the machine is working OK then switch off system restore it will delete the restore points

Right click My computer on the desktop - select properties - system restore tab

After you have switched off system restore look in the windows folder you may see a lot of files in Blue starting with $ these can be deleted as well they are restore points after updates.

Once this is done reboot the machine - go back into system restore and switch it back on again to create a new restore point.

  Peter 19:14 06 Aug 2012

Fruit Bat /\0/\,

"After you have switched off system restore look in the windows folder you may see a lot of files in Blue starting with $ these can be deleted as well they are restore points after updates."

When you write "files in Blue starting with $" do you mean "folders in Blue starting with $"?


  Terry Brown 20:17 06 Aug 2012

For a solultion please refer to query ' Went to sort out my C drive' (this forum) Terry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:28 06 Aug 2012


leave the blue folders alone

if you have no blue $ files they have probably been cleared when using disk cleanup.

  birdface 20:56 06 Aug 2012

Click on disk clean up and once it opens click on more options.Then click on the clean up that removes all but the last restore point.

  BingoBoy 23:03 07 Aug 2012

I have run the treesize tool and must admit it doesn't mean much to me. However, I have noticed 53,053MB of files sitting in Temp which comprises of loads of files called 14.5MB Microsoft.NET framework KB982168. Any idease whatthis is and how I can get rid or if I can get rid?

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