c drive disappearing space

  squashman 19:51 27 Mar 2011

Until recently i had about 150gig of space left on my 400g c drive, which has been decreasing over the last few months.
Yesterday there was 85g left and i defragged using winwows(running vista ult) ater which there was only 45g left.
Any ideas what if happening and how i can retreive the space?

  mooly 19:54 27 Mar 2011

Have you run a disk cleanup and deleted old restore points ? which can take around 15% of the HDD space.

click here

  lucky1 20:43 27 Mar 2011

Thanks for the link mooly I'm having a similar problem. Sorry to hijack your thread squashman.

  rdave13 21:01 27 Mar 2011

Possibly a 'back-up' program not working correctly?

  Les28 21:02 27 Mar 2011

In the long term also maybe alter the default amount of free space allocated to system restore in Vista

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  rdave13 21:08 27 Mar 2011

Windirstat is a powerful tool but will also show what is eating your hdd space. Use it to 'look' into the hdd but I strongly recommend you don't use the delete utility within the program in case you remove Windows components.
Download; click here
Please do a bit of searching on how to use this tool.

  squashman 00:16 28 Mar 2011

Thanks fof all those, i'll investigate tomorrow


  Les28 08:36 28 Mar 2011

Don't know which defrag program you used but reading here will explain how with some defrag programs windows own volume shadow copy service (VSS) belonging to system restore will make copies of defragged files and take a large amount of disk space up that way.

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also as asked already are you running a backup program?

Also TreeSize Free may help to identify what's using up space

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If you find it's a bloated SVI folder you may need to give yourself permissions to open it as explained here

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or you could make both hidden files and protected operating system files visible and have a look in C drive root for the SVI folder.

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  squashman 15:56 28 Mar 2011


Used windows vista defrag, which seems from your links to be the problem.
I use norton 360 for back up so don't think that's the problem.
Have tried some of the suggestions and got it back up to 97g which a great improvement, will keep trying things.

many thanks

  Taff™ 16:09 28 Mar 2011

Look closely at Norton 360 Backup! Is that backing up to the same drive? If so that will be the problem.

  Les28 16:45 28 Mar 2011

Glad you've recovered some space, I'm inclined to agree with Taff and look at your Norton 360 product in more detail, the defrag problem causing vss service to make copies and lose disk space is when using third party defraggers not windows own defragger and I notice Norton 360 has its own defrag utility as part of the 360 package? Can this defrag component part be disabled?

Also as mentioned, make sure it's not backing to the same drive, or maybe if windows vss service is running it's making copies to the same drive while the backup or defrag is running.
Maybe a little experimenting with 360 to see exactly what's happening?

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