C Drive 62Gb used but Acronis backup only 38Gb?

  buel 22:05 03 Mar 2010

Hi, i cloned the hd of a friend's laptop to my external hard drive and the 'tib' files it saved them as only amount to 38Gb but when i click 'properties' on the C drive of the laptop the 'used' space comes to 62Gb. Please can anyone explain this to me?
Many thanks-Buel

  I am Spartacus 22:08 03 Mar 2010

It's been compressed.

  Eargasm 22:09 03 Mar 2010

Acronis compresses the image

  buel 22:59 03 Mar 2010

Thank you for that, very helpful!!

  DieSse 00:33 04 Mar 2010

"i cloned the hd"

No you didn't - you created a compressed Image - it contains all the drive or partition contents in a compressed form (as above).

You can also Clone with Acronis - a Clone is an exact replication of a drive or partition, and will create another working system.

An Image needs to be passed through the "unimaging" process to recreate the original drive or partition contents.

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