c cleaner

  mrlucky 21:52 09 Aug 2006

fine program use it every day.just cleaned out 39.3mb after longish session.low compared to some days.got to ask someone...is this usual while surfing?.it does seem high.

  skidzy 21:54 09 Aug 2006

Have you uninstalled anything since the last use of Ccleaner ? if so,this will be why...cleaning up obsolete registry paths,cookies,temp files etc.

  mrlucky 22:01 09 Aug 2006

yes....i/we download demos etc then get rid.understand now thanks.

  daba 23:01 09 Aug 2006

you can set how much disk space to use for your temporary internet files cache.

You don't say which O/S you are using, but in W2K, (from within IE),its in Tools->Internet Options, on the "Temporary Internet Files" section click "Settings".

In there you can change where the T.I.F's are stored, and how much disk space they will use up. If you've got a good fast B/B connection you can reduce this to save disk space.

Back on the main Internet Options
page, you can set how many days windows will keep the T.I.F's. If you tend to use CCleaner every day, then set this to 1. This will avoid keeping stuff you're going to dump anyway.

  mrlucky 08:42 10 Aug 2006

hi.went into temp internet files,it was set to 2289(winxp).i,v reduced to 381.things did seem to slow down a couple of days ago(c cleaner figure was ultra high)i,ll keep an eye on this setting for a day or so.many thanks.

  Sethhaniel 09:00 10 Aug 2006

the internet in a day - the temp files build up - especially if you download items as well-
run Ccleaner - click 'analize' and make a note of how much it has to clear - dont 'run cleaner' but exit
then reboot your computer - now run Ccleaner again and 'analize' should see a difference in the figures - as some temp files etc,. are automatically sorted by windows on shut down ;)

  mrlucky 12:03 13 Aug 2006

thanks all.emptying internet temp file folder when browser is closed seems to be a good idea too.c cleaner now down to low amount.cheers.

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