Bypassing XP logon password?

  Blokka 08:19 09 Jul 2004

I need some help in getting around the logon password protection in windows XP pro.
My uncle's pc has decided it doesnt want to bootup and their is stuff that he needs backing up.
I have tried to gain access in dos and also by putting his harddrive into my own machine and trying to access the files that way but it will not allow me in (access denied).
Are there any ways around this at all?

  AndySD 08:58 09 Jul 2004

IF you are using Windows XP Professional, all you should have to do to access the files is change the permissions on the folder on the "slave" drive. Although you can not change them simply by adding yourself as a user, if you turn off simple file sharing (allowing advanced sharing and security to be set) You can perform a "Take ownership" command to the "slave" files, and gain complete control of them.

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