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  Southernboy 17:38 28 Nov 2006

My Brother 1030 printer has provided sterling service, but the second drum is coming to the end of its life. It is well out-of-date and does not have XP drivers. Brother supplied a driver on a floppy to get it to work, but every time I use it, I get a series of error messages telling me it may not work - it always does - but these messages are becoming irritating.

Now, as the replacement drums cost as much as a new printer, perhaps I should be looking to buy a new printer. Unfortunately, PCA no longer include mono lasers in their reviews. Presumably, this is because they think most people want colour lasers, but I don't. I am quite sure that colour toner cartridges cost more than mono cartridges, so there is no point in my buying colour I don't need.

To digress, I do get annoyed by firms trying to force us to buy something we don't really want. Sony no longer make CRT television sets, and Dixons only stock the much, much more expensive LCD sets. I now discover Jessops no longer sell film cameras. At the end of the day, these new products cost so much more tha the older technology and some of us have fixed incomes and simply cannot afford it. Moan over!

Are mono lasers still made? What I want is a fairly basic mono laser, rather like my Brother laser, but with more memory.

Advice welcome.

  AndySD 20:11 28 Nov 2006

click here Dabs

I gave my stepfather the Samsung ML2010 for his birthday and he is happy with it.

  AndySD 20:12 28 Nov 2006


price ascending then

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  amonra 20:48 28 Nov 2006

Samsung ML 1610 Cheap and cheerful, easy to refil, no complaints, all for about £50.

  Southernboy 13:23 30 Nov 2006

which PC World have on their website for £63.00, which is less than the price of a drum for the 1030.

As I am used to Brother, I tend to think another would not requite a learning curve and it is smaller than the 1030. I am very cramped for space so this is useful.

Anyone used one of these?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:23 30 Nov 2006

We have one in a small office that runs off a few hundred pages a week remotely and it never has any problems.

  jboyd 12:38 03 Dec 2006

The cost of colour lasers is so low you might consider one of these. I work in a school and find it very annoying that a new peinter now costs the same as some of the spares!!

  Southernboy 21:12 04 Dec 2006

All my work is mono so why waste money buying colour toner cartridges?

  Diemmess 17:19 05 Dec 2006

Have had a Epson EPL 5800 for a few years, the current version seems to be close with to a EPL 6200
click here

I use mine for all normal printing.

Plus Points:
Very good clarity and grey scales
Much faster than a photo colour in plain mono mode

Minus Points:
Paper handling always a little tetchy, becomes downright rebellious with a print run of more than a few duplicate copies.

Is now halfway through its first refill of toner

  jakimo 20:41 05 Dec 2006

The Samsung monochrome budget lasers are cheap,reliable and the drum can be topped up with toner (£20-£25)several times before the drum has to be replaced

  Southernboy 21:59 05 Dec 2006

Thanks, but at £175 it is way above my budget. I need a simple B/W laser that gets somewhat less than average use.

My Brother has been great, but the cost of a new drum (c.£75) is about what the printer cost me. As I want to move to a USB printer that has full functionality with XP, I am looking for a new printer at less that £75.00.

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