BVRP Phonetools

  Young Ranger 20:15 19 Jun 2003

I ran this software on my PC with Win 98 and Win ME without any problems but Win 2000 dosen't seem to want to play.

When I tried to install the software the first screen only showed the link to the PDF help files (No installation prompt as on previous windows versions). I have now got it installed by clicking on the setup.exe file but cannot fax any documents.

In Word, phones tools is not listed in the printer list. If I try to fax the doc from Phonetools as an attachment I get the message "no printer installed" and MicrosoftWord Err = "1044". When I click on debug the line "WordBasic.FilePrint 0 is highlighted.

Cannot find any help on the BVRP site or Microsoft. Any ideas please?

  Alan2 21:38 19 Jun 2003

I also had phonetools on W98 and found it unrecognised after upgrading to WXP.

I now use the built-in fax facility in WXP for sending faxes and subscribe to Trinité at ca £23 pa for incoming faxes via a 0870 number directly into my email system.

This works very well, though I don't have the answer service previously available with phonetools.


  Valvegrid 21:52 19 Jun 2003

We run BVRP on one of our computers at work with no problems, are you sure your version is compatible with Win 2000?

You could try BVRP they have a download section with patches, you could give them a try.

click here


  Belatucadrus 22:14 19 Jun 2003

I'm using Classic Phonetools, version 4.00 with XP. If you can't get your copy to work have a look at:-

Cheyenne bitware click here

Callcentre V3 click here

  Young Ranger 00:07 20 Jun 2003


I had already looked at the BVRP site but had another look just in case. This time I did find a patch that looked suitable,which I downloaded and phone tools now appears in the list of printers but I am still getting error messages.


The links look promising. It is a bit late now so I will have a closer look tomorrow.

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