Buzzing noise!!

  heimdallr 22:49 27 Jun 2008

Booted my pc today and during boot its developed a distinct buzzing noise. I've got 2 hadrdrives, last one fitted 2 weeks ago. First hdd has Vista, 2nd has Linux Mint. If I boot into windows the buzzing lasts until windows starts to load. If I boot into Linux I get the buzzing during boot, and shutdown. I also tried a linux live cd and the buzzing didn't go away until I shutdown the pc. Thought I'd ask here, as I'm at work until 7 in the morning, so any ideas will be gratefully appreciated, when I look inside the case sometime tomorrow!

  six-h 01:51 28 Jun 2008

Hi heimdallr,
Sorry I can't help, just bookmarking this in case it's the same problem as I have.
I only have one HDD, the original 4 yrs old!
Like you, I get a buzzing noise like a wasp trapped under a glass until the desktop (XP home SP2) has built.
I'm being told that the drive (which does have 2 bad sectors) is dying!
I also have the additional problem of random freezes in IE7 and have to do many hard shutdowns, which can't be helping!!

  six-h 02:12 28 Jun 2008

Forgot to mention, only get the noise on first boot of the day!

  crosstrainer 05:54 28 Jun 2008

This may well be down to your fan(s) When you first boot, the fan controller sets them all to maximum. After that (if you have cool and quiet or similar enabled) it reduces the fan speed to normal.

If you have recently installed a hard drive, I would open the case and check that you have no cables touching, or near any of the fans.

  Gongoozler 08:16 28 Jun 2008

This almost certainly originates from a fan. Your computer quite likely has 3 or 4 of them; the cpu, graphics, possibly chipset and possibly case fan. Take off the case side panel, roll a sheet of A4 paper into a long tube, then with one end of the tube against your ear use the other end to locate the source of the noise.

  jack 08:44 28 Jun 2008

or a cable just touching a fan/fan casing.
As mentioned[ for six-h]
At first fire up, all fans are going full blast until the control circuits kick in- so that is the time of max vibration.
As discussed, a visible then audio inspection will reveal all.

  six-h 14:18 28 Jun 2008

Thanks guys, seems that my ailing HDD might be good for a little longer then!

Since my PC has only two fans (as far as I know), the main CPU fan, which has an inlet in the centre of the side panel, and possibly one on the Medion Radion 9800 XL graphics card, it must be one or other of these.

What's the cure?
A blow job with a can of air?...;-)
or can I replace the problem fan, particularly if it's on the graphics card?

  crosstrainer 14:23 28 Jun 2008

Only 2 fans? open the case, and look for signs of dust on the blades.

Don't use high pressure compressed air on them. A soft paint brush is better.

the cables may look clear when the case is open, but when the cover is replaced, pressure may force a cable toward a fan.

Boot with the case lid off (TAKE EXTREME CARE)
and look carefully at the cable loom locations.

Push them back in the same way as the case cover does.

  six-h 15:04 28 Jun 2008

Glad I won't need air, it's damned expensive!

I'll take the cover off later, and see what I find!
Never been inside before, but getting a bit desperate to sort my problems.

Since I've got an engineer prepared to look at it next week, I'll try anything now, just to see if I can learn something useful, (apart from "I shouldn't have done that!")

  heimdallr 18:25 28 Jun 2008

Thanks for the suggestions, when I surfaced this afternoon (don't you hate nights?) I opened the case, found out it was the graphics card fan (sparkle 8600gts) Given everything a bit of a clean again, but still buzzing on start up. My pc is about 15 days inside its warranty, reckon I could get it changed under that? Not really such a problem as I was going to upgard to a 9600 gt soon anyway. The other thing I've been thinking of is that updated the nvidia drivers during the week, h'mm possible link???
Anyway thanks again for the help1

  rdave13 19:13 28 Jun 2008

Try using a very thin artist's brush to dislodge dust inside the cover of the fan if it has one. I use the nozzle of a Dyson in close proximity to extract the dust.
You could also remove the card and half peel off the sticker at the top of the fan (again if it has one) and dab a tiny amount of light oil, using something like a cocktail stick, on to the spindle.

On the other hand if you're upgrading why bother.Do it afterwards and will be a standby card if anything happens.

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