Buzzing Hard drive

  Phrixos 12:18 17 Oct 2005

Hello, people.

(Win XP Pro, SP2, w/2 Maxtor 6Y080M0 HDDs.

It's bad enough my (main) hard drive has suddenly decided to go crazy--for weeks now, it is going almost incessantly, stopping for only a few seconds every ten munites or so--but it actually is buzzing like mad. I feel like I've got a bee in the room with me. I'm afraid the damned thing is going to explode, any minute.

You can take it it is not a fan problem. I've checked.

Both my drives are fairly new. What could be the problem here, and how can I begin addressing it?


  Legolas 12:32 17 Oct 2005

It might sound obvious but you should back up any info you might want to keep just in case your drive fails. Then you could try scanning the drive to identify any problems.

  Diemmess 12:40 17 Oct 2005

Take Legolas advice first (just in case).

Then the simple things. Uncover the innards and apply a finger to the case of each HD in turn. It is possible that there is a stray screw rattling about or a loose bit of something which sets up a resonant chatter.

  pookie 13:02 17 Oct 2005

yeap - i had this recently and some screws to hard drive had vibrated themselves loose - tightened them and no problems

  Stuartli 13:05 17 Oct 2005

As pookie says, in view of the fact that the drives are fairly new, one or more of the screws retaining the HDD in the case bay may have become slightly loose.

However, virtually every instance I've come across of a hard drive making strange noises is that it is on its way out and the advice from Legolas is very sound.

  DieSse 13:40 17 Oct 2005

Is the noise accompanied by the drive activity light being on? - in other words the drive is very busy most of the time - which may be a software issue.

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