Buying XP Home

  GrahamP 21:52 06 Mar 2004

I'm looking for the cheapest online supplier of Windows XP Home OEM

So far I've found click here @ £63.45 and click here with SP 1a @ £61.77.

However the latter say they will only supply it with a piece of non-peripheral kit.

Has anyone any experience of these suppliers, or can recommend a better/cheaper one? And can anyone explain why the prices differ so radically. I could pay over £160.


  fuzzyone 21:54 06 Mar 2004


Overclock are highly recommended.

  GrahamP 22:00 06 Mar 2004

It's certainly the cheapest I've seen.

  zigg 22:00 06 Mar 2004

I recently bought mine on ebay for £65 (full oem xp home version) No problems and was delivered quickly. The good thing about ebay is you can view comments from previous buyers re speed of delivery etc. I also paid by Nochex/debit card (see ebay) which seems a fairly safe way to pay. Don't know how the online retailers can sell so cheaply but it seems legal and above board.

  marjted 22:27 06 Mar 2004

click here
Is this worth looking at?

  tlr 23:26 06 Mar 2004

I did the ebay route and got mine for £49 + P&P again check out the sellers feedback and previous sales, pay with paypal or nochex, mine came through 2 days after buying it sealed with the key
I did the same with Norton system works pro £12 and Norton internet security 2004 £18

  spuds 00:07 07 Mar 2004

Try ebuyer click here In their search tag, put in 52362 for a copy of XP Pro with SP1 , or 50264 for a copy of XP Home with SP1. No conditions or other purchases necessary.Both full XP OEM discs, which can be activated via Microsoft.

  Chegs ® 01:14 07 Mar 2004

click here

Its not recommended,but this outfit are supposed to be able to get software dirt cheap.I was searching previous threads that mentioned them,only these threads appear to have been removed,and the link keeps giving "Page Unavailable..." messages,so IF it reappears,have a look and see what you think.

  GrahamP 01:21 07 Mar 2004

It looks like £49 is the absolute minimum.

marjted: your link didn't work. What is it?

spuds: interesting, I couldn't find these following their categories.

I'll close this but if anyone finds it cheaper than £49 please add a link.

Just a thought, with the dollar so weak, I wonder if ordering from the states would be cheaper.

  spuds 12:02 07 Mar 2004

Wouldn't even consider the USA route. You will end up paying more, plus possible other problems as well.

  marjted 15:10 07 Mar 2004

Sorry about the link, it was to click here

They have the following:
MS Windows XP Home Edition **OEM**
£58.74 with vat

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