Buying Wireless router.... help please

  Hetti 16:09 13 Jul 2012

I have just had a visit from a virgin media engineer as I have been losing internet connection on average twice a day since getting the new so called "Virgin Super Hub" this has been an ongoing problem for months now and after about 8 engineer visits with no fix they advise me that the Super Hub's wireless is no good and I need to buy a router "like I had before the Super Hub" unbelievable isn't it? So my question is will any router work with a Virgin set up or do I need to have a one specially for my virgin setup?

  difarn 16:31 13 Jul 2012

I am astounded that the engineer would say this - the advertising literature for the super hub says:-

"The Super Hub is available exclusively to Virgin Media customers, and has been custom-made to provide you with killer performance and wonderful ease of use."

I have done a little searching on the web and have come across this article on the Virgin Forum - absolutely amazing that there are a lot of people who cannot get a steady wireless connection and have had to resort to plugging their new super hub into their old router, using the super-hub as an expensive looking modem. Absolutely scandalous.

What did you have before the Super Hub? I have a friend who has Virgin and she just had a modem with a wired connection. When she wanted to go wireless I just installed an inexpensive Netgear Router which works very well. As the article says, set the superhub to modem mode and plug your old router into it.

Would you believe that there are instructions here from Virgin telling you how to do this - I wonder why?

  Hetti 16:52 13 Jul 2012

Thanks difarn Yes its amazing I pay 79 pounds per month for Phone, TV and my broadband. And now I got to fork out for router, I had a d-link router before, and I got it from loft for engineer to connect it to hub, he tired it but was broken,so no option but to buy new one. I have been on phone to Virgin media since he left, to ask them to send me a router but they refused to do that. Why I posted this query was engineer said "make sure you get a router that is suitable for Virgin Media network"??? in my very limited knowledge I thought they was they all were the suitable for all ISP.

  difarn 18:33 13 Jul 2012

I believe that if you change the superhub to the modem mode (see instructions given by Virgin in my previous post) thenyou can then connect this to a new router by ethernet cable - this in turn will give you your wireless connection.

According to the posts I have read this will then enable you to use any wireless router. I definitely installed one for a friend but she just had the small triangular virgin modem - however this should work on the same principle.

This is the Netgear router from Amazon that I installed for her and it works very well.

It was also very easy to install.

  Hetti 14:01 14 Jul 2012

Thanks difarn Had already bought D-Link wireless N 150 cable router before I read your last post its from Misco 28/29 pounds with p and p, I should have it wed at the latest, the engineer said to plug my new D-link into the "Superhub to use that as a modem, will this be a simple procedure?

Thanks again

  difarn 14:09 14 Jul 2012

This should work fine - if you follow the instructions from Virgin in the last line of my first post( highlighted in blue "here from Virgin" it tells you exactly what to do -if you can print this out so that you have it in front of you it will help. You will need to have your pc connected to the superhub (by cable will be ok) and get into the configuration pages to enable the "modem" mode.

  markberick 00:26 23 Jul 2012

Well,,,I think you need to buy a new one as the virgin one won't work with it.

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