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  newbeme 23:23 04 Jun 2009

Hey guys and girls, so glad I found a site for the beginners to ask questions :P

My question today is that a friend of mine is looking to sell his PC and has offered it to me. Problem is, in the small amount I do know about PCs, I have a feeling I am being ripped! But before I go making that kind of accusation, I thought I might get my facts right first!

The computer in question was brought brand new approx 3 years ago. From what I have been told about the PC, it has 180G worth of memory and 4G worth of Ram (if that makes any sence). I have also been told, I will prob need to upgrade the graphics card at a cost of about $200.00 (NZ $)

He is asking $500 (NZ $) for the PC, and this does NOT include monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Just the box with everything in it.

Can anyone tell me if I am getting done over? Or what information do I need to find out about the PC for someone to make that call?

I have had various opinions from other friends of mine, but to be fair, the are not exactly IT Gurus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  Forum Editor 00:57 05 Jun 2009

currently converts to just over £196 GBP and I would not be paying that much for a three-year old computer without a monitor/keyboard/mouse, unless it was something special, and this one isn't.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that you were being done over or ripped off, but neither would I pay the price that's being asked.

  ambra4 03:54 05 Jun 2009

“I thought I might get my facts right first! it has 180G worth of memory and 4G worth of Ram”

That should be a 180GB hard drive and 4GB of memory (Ram)

“Can anyone tell me if I am getting done over?”

Is there a Make and Model No? Or is it a home build unit

What OS installed on the hard drive Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, etc?

“Also been told, I will probable need to upgrade the graphics card at a cost of about $200.00 (NZ $)”

WHY is the present graphics card bad?

Is the card a separate unit or build on to the motherboard?

If a separate unit is it a AGP or PCIE type of graphics card

Cost of a graphics cards in NZ

click here

A complete system with monitor and keyboard

click here

Acer, HP, Computers with monitor and without

click here

Or you can get an iFocus P320a Computer with monitor for $569.00

click here

Do a Google search for “Computer Desktop Systems” in NZ and see what is available

click here

Hope this help; your friend price is high seeing that it only the processor box that he is selling

and 3 years old

  newbeme 03:58 05 Jun 2009

Thanks so much for your help team! Makes me feel much better about the whole thing!!!

Got some more info about the computer if this is any good ambra4, but as I say, I really have no idea about all this PC lingo :P

its a Pentium D ~3ghz, 1.5gb ram ~200gb hdd, and yea PCIE

  ambra4 06:42 05 Jun 2009

Do you know what OS (Operation System) XP or Vista?

What type of Optical drive CD / DVD player or burner

Also is any Antivirus Software installed?

The CPU alone cost $283.49 NZ$

Pentium D 925, 3GHz, 800MHz FSB, Socket 775, 32-Bit, Prescott Core, ATX, $283.49

click here

1.5Gb of memory good if using XP if Vista you will need to increase to 2Gb

click here

Just make sure that you get the correct one, as all memory is not the same

200Gb hard drive is a good size

A Seagate 250GB SATA 7200rpm 8MB Hard Drive Cost about $84 NZ$

click here

A PCIE Graphics Card would cost about $70 NZ$

Asus 8400GS 256MB PCI Express HD-TV DVI-I HDCP

click here(LP).aspx

Keyboard & Mice Combo

click here


click here

Computer Speakers

click here

Inkjet Printers

click here

Offer him $250 - $350 NZ$ Max seeing that you might have to buy a Graphics Card, Monitor.

Keyboard & Mice, Speakers, Printer etc

Make sure that you also get any CD’s that came with the computer Drivers, OS, Recovery Disk

Etc if your offer is accepted

  newbeme 06:57 05 Jun 2009

Thanks so much ambra! Made my day :)

Operating system is XP at the moment, no anti virus software and has DVD burner :)

  ambra4 13:47 05 Jun 2009

Free Anti Virus Software Download

Avast Antivirus Software is the one that I would recommends you use

click here

If you need any more advice send me an email by clicking the yellow envelope next to my name

Sorry the URL for the PCIE Graphics Card is not working look at this one

Sapphire Radeon HD3450 256MB DDR2 PCI-E DVI+VGA Low Profile

click here

  laurie53 19:55 05 Jun 2009

Of course, do remember that many on this forum would not have much idea about what constitutes value foe money in NZ!

In the UK a second hand three year old computer would be very low in the list of desirables, but in your neck of the woods it might be something which only rarely comes on the market.

  newbeme 01:53 06 Jun 2009

Thanks so much for all your help guys :)

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