Buying a USB Flash Drive

  sjl17 10:01 26 Jan 2005

I'm thinking of buying a USB flash drive for transferring stuff between home and work. My work PC runs Win 98 and has the FAT32 file system. My home PC is XP Home and is NTFS, does this mean that stuff saved at home with the NTFS will not be read on the WIN 98 (FAT32) PC?


  Chezdez 10:04 26 Jan 2005

there will be no problems

  sjl17 10:08 26 Jan 2005

So does WIN 98 recognise files saved as NTFS?

  plsndrs3 10:09 26 Jan 2005

Agree, no problem. Just be careful that whatever files you are moving are not copyright and that your employer has no qualms with you moving them from work to home [and, presumably, home to work] as I know someone who did this & fell foul of coporate policy. They no longer work for my employer as a result.


  ianeon 10:11 26 Jan 2005

They work on both systems - CRUCIAL make a good pen but there are lots about - Your computer running Win98 will need the drivers installed, but these should come with the pen, XP has them already installed.

  Chezdez 10:12 26 Jan 2005

yes, windows 98 will recognise files saved as NTFS

  Gongoozler 10:22 26 Jan 2005

I have used these Lexar drives click here, click here, click here and these Ebuyer generic drives at only £7.99 including shipping click here. They have all been excellent for transferring files between computers with both Windows 98se and Windows XP, but the Lexar models are more rugged. Windows 98se computers have to have the correct drivers installed first.

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