Buying Software - Legit?

  GibsonSt19 17:25 18 Jan 2005

Hi there, I'm fine with purchasing things like XP Home etc as I know what to look for, however I've seen a ebay item for sale which is Norton Systemworks and Norton Internet Security 2005.

The seller advises they were purchased electronically, and therefore come on a normal CD-R, with unused serial numbers and complete activation pack.

Now, I understand that people can sell things like this, but is there any way I can know they're legit? I.e. should I ask the seller for an email of the original email invoice or something similar?

  alan9900 17:47 18 Jan 2005

I would look elswhere,would'nt touch it myself..

  JayDay 17:51 18 Jan 2005

It's probably a copy. Have a look at the sellers feedback. If he has ripped people off in the past it should be on there.

As a rule be suspicious of any software on CD-R's

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:21 18 Jan 2005

I would forget the two as I have had to remove Norton off many computers. Get AVG and Zonealarm for nothing. D/L Ccleaner and regseeker and you will have all the tools that you will ever need....for free.


  Dorsai 18:24 18 Jan 2005

It is remotely possible that they have downloaded/paid for a copy of the program, legitimately, copied it to disk, and are offering it for sale.

Some programs can be downloaded legitimately, at a very favourable price. Acronis True Image can be bought for as little £18.99 if you are prepared to hunt around, but most sites offer it for £25+

Some sites may also offer 'bulk discount' so if a person pays for, say, 10 licences, then get it even cheaper.

Then then sell it on, knowing full well that most purchasers will have seen the program (that the seller paid £18.99 for) for sale at £30.00. So the bidder pays £25.00 the buyer get it £5.00 off, and the seller makes £6, before sellers fees.

But on the other hand, it could be a pirate copy.

And in the case of Norton, there are free alternatives.

I would avoid.

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