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  denali 11:48 15 Nov 2005

Someone may remember me from a while ago. I had an old Win98se PC and spent most of my time formatting and re-installing. My family bought me a new unit almost a year ago and I am so bored not being able to take it to bits and start again. Three weeks ago I bought an old Time PC from a bootsale for £18. It appeared all that was missing was memory. I put in a 256 memory stick, switched on and everything worked perfectly, I even copied a CD!. Feeling adventurous I installed XP pro from the disk I got with my new PC. I realise I will only have XP for 30 days (4 days left) But at present it does everything my so called "Top of the line PC" does. My reason for writing this is, I follow the forum religiously, read every thread and am amazed at the requests for advise on upgrading and purchasing PC'S. I have had enough help from the excellent people on this forum to fill a book. I am now 66 years of age and unfortunately my eyesight is not too clever, consequently I do not post too often. I do however have one small piece of advice. Be adventurous! do not be afraid to experiment! If your graphics card does not work, throw it away, buy a new one. The important thing to remember is you really cannot cause too many major disasters and if you do, you have the reassurance that whatever your problem, help is to hand from the many extremly talented people on this forum who brighten my every day.
May your God go with you.

  jack 12:09 15 Nov 2005

Thank you for the chuck-up Denali
There are those that only wish to compute and come along here when something balks them
And those that like to tinker and come along here when they have tinkered too far.
But it is true that the more you fiddle the more you learn and I have been fiddling with these contraptions these 30 years past- from soldering 32 little legs of a processor to a motherboard onward.
So at only 72 I hope there are more tinkering years to come- I have recennlty resurrected this aging beast to 64 bit - This means that now I have twice the potential for error and quad the chances for a struggle to fix it. I love it- beats East Enders and all that anyday.

  Gongoozler 12:14 15 Nov 2005

Quite right denali. There's often a lot more fun to be had keeping an old computer going than there is buying an over specified new machine.

If your eyesight is struggling with the screen text on websites, try Firefox browser. A simple Ctrl + immediately increases the text size. You can repeat the Ctrl + until a single word fills the screen. Ctrl - decreases the text size, and Ctrl 0 reverts to the original size.

  Chegs ® 13:39 15 Nov 2005

I have ceased upgrading my main PC,it has enough HD space,RAM,CPU's fast enough for my needs,Graphics Card plays my few games extremely well,etc.I have also amassed a collection of others obsolete parts,which I frequently turn into a working PC on which I dabble in linux,or test various cutdown "slipstreamed" XP CD's,or just mess with cos I'm bored.I'm presently waiting for a stick of RAMBUS RAM turning up,as my latest acquisition is a P4 CPU + motherboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:55 15 Nov 2005

denali agree wholeheartedly

If its broke have a go at fixing it, there is little to lose and a lot to learn.

And in the processs fun to be had and friends to make while you seek advice.

Had my brand new Medion a week and a half before submitting to temptation and opening the case to fit a floppy drive. Not half as mch fun (or frustration) as building all my prievious PCs. :0)

  Stuartli 16:25 15 Nov 2005

>>A simple Ctrl + immediately increases the text size. You can repeat the Ctrl + until a single word fills the screen. Ctrl - decreases the text size, and Ctrl 0 reverts to the original size.>>

Alternatively just use Ctrl and move the mouse scroll wheel backwards and forwards.

  plsndrs3 16:42 15 Nov 2005

When I upgraded my first PC [P350, Win 3.1, Office 1.0] I chucked the old unit away - never repeated that again!

Now I act like a Jacdaw & have a big box of 'bits' that could come in handy one day [wife says the box is stupid - or is that just me :o)]

When I first got my 1.8 Medion I had damaged it within 30 minutes by deleting a necessary file for startup in an effort to increase the free space on the hard drive. I have upgraded, bought 'rubbish' from boot sales [NOT Computer fairs!], got them working and passed them on to my children - who all think I am an IT expert now!

Nothing further from the truth - I just like tinkering :o)- & I know that I can always ask for help here.



  seedie 18:59 15 Nov 2005

I'm still going to the local ammenity centre to nick stuff when the lads are at tea.

Recently sold a refurbished thing for a tenner to a local kid who'd fallen on hard times. BTW the tenner was for a mouse and Kboard which I had to buy. Can't tell you what a bargain he got. :)))


  hzhzhz 19:17 15 Nov 2005

Ive got 2 drawers full of old pc bits. I just cannot bring myself to throw them away,even the 1mb of ram. I will need them all one day (perhaps).

  stalion 19:30 15 Nov 2005

good subject but speakers corner comes to mind

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