Buying printer??????

  didgypainter 10:25 28 Mar 2009

OK. Firstly hello to all.
I don't know much about PC or Printers, but this will not stop me learning even though I'm an oldy!

Now to get down to my problem!
I own a Toshibia Equium A210 along with a Dell Photo A.I.O.924 Inkjet Printer.

I have got on well with printer until I purchased a digital painting software for my laptop to let me paint my own art and then combine it with my hobby (making Birthday/Christmas cards etc).

When I do a printout of my paintings my burgundy colour turns out to be RED and my pale blue is GREY!
This is just an example as there are other problem such as darkness and shade.
I'd like to also add, I use the correct colour cartridges and photo paper

My Dell printer is one of the older versions so I'm looking to purchase another one .
I've read lots of information into whether I should buy Inkjet or Laser but still it is like a fog to me in understanding the technical side of it.
I have tried enquiring in PC Shops but am afraid even some of the staff don't know what they are talking about and will try their best in fobbing me off with anything.

I want something that will give me a proper printout to the original painting on my laptop.
( by the way once my paintings are finished they are always put under JPEG ready to be printed)

I sincerely hope you will be able to help me


  howard64 12:09 28 Mar 2009

as a fellow oldy its not a problem to learn. To get colour from a laser you are not only talking a couple of hundred pounds for the printer but almost that cost again for colour toners. Normally you would use an inkjet printer or a dye sublimation one but not as common. For inkjet your best bet for pictures is to get one claiming to be a photo printer with separate colour cartridges. Going to your problem if your printer is ok with other progs I would suggest that you need to tweak the prog to set it to your printer. I had aq dell printer for several years and it was very good. Type into google calibrating a printer and you should get plenty of advice. If unclear come back here. Good luck.

  mooly 12:11 28 Mar 2009

I don't think there is an easy answer really. I can only relate my experiences with an Epson (cheap) 3 in 1.
On the Epson you can alter in the printer options (preferences) when going to print, things such as contrast, brightness, RGB saturation
levels independently, gamma corection etc and these settings are stored so that you can aim to get a print that looks like the one shown on the monitor display. It's not something I've really attempted, and it would take a lot of trial and error.
If you have a photo printed "professionally" you want your monitor to display that same image "the same as the printed picture" first off, then aim to get your print copy to match the monitor.... not easy.
Even changing paper brands (different absorption) alters the final image.

  wiz-king 13:12 28 Mar 2009

Before you buy another printer check your monitor is set correctly - click here You may find that it's you monitor that is wrong, then you can adjust the printer.

  gardener 13:36 28 Mar 2009

A laser printer will give the best results. Colour lasers have dropped dramatically in price, have a look at Misco or Ebuyer online prices. The only trouble is that the toner cartridges cost a small fortune if you buy the makers' models. You can buy compatible toners which claim to produce identical results to the originals but I have yet to try them. Apparently the toners work out cheaper or the same price per page as inkjet cartridges.
I bought an Epson Aculaser recently and the printing quality is superb.

  didgypainter 16:42 01 Apr 2009

Thank you all for your advice
I will start off by having my PC calibrated for colour first, and then start looking for a printer.

Didgy painter

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