Buying a pc from the US

  gingerdaz 13:34 09 Jul 2005

I'm looking to buy a new computer from the US and get it delivered to my girlfriend's place over there, from where I'll bring it back over here and save a few hundred £s. What factors do I need to consider when doing this? e.g. dvd regions

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  pj123 13:59 09 Jul 2005

Only thing I can think of is the power supply.

US is on 110v so you may have to buy a UK PSU when you get it here.

  Belatucadrus 14:03 09 Jul 2005

Check the warranty cover as returning it to the US will eat big holes in your savings.

US keyboard layout ( no £ ).

Also the possibility of being nailed for VAT by customs on the way back.

  bremner 14:04 09 Jul 2005

Have you considered the Import duty and VAT you will be charged when you bring it through customs.

I know when I was there last year that their prices were not that much cheaper than ours and of course the dollar has strengthened considerably against the pound recently.

  961 14:06 09 Jul 2005

I think the downside is too great considering the savings you may make. I don't think you'll save hundreds if anything

1 Power supply difficulty

2 Warranty difficulty

3 Damage during transit

4 Trouble with HM Customs re vat and duty

5 Non compatible video etc quite apart from dvd as you say

You can get a fully configured computer from Dell or similar for well under £500 complete with XP and other software. Why get into a load of hassle that may prove impossible to sort out

  tenplus1 14:28 09 Jul 2005

You could possible buy separate parts here and build your own PC and STILL save £100's...

  woodchip 14:31 09 Jul 2005

From Me Don't. it will cost more than it's worth.

  Meshuga 14:39 09 Jul 2005

Absolute false economy.

  spuds 15:16 09 Jul 2005

I think most things have been covered by the other threads. In the end, it just may not save anything, only give further problems and concerns. The other possible consideration, will the American supplier except UK credit card transactions, if that is the way you intend to buy, some companies will not.

The other possible problem is high transportation costs. DHL or UPS not to bad, but airline excess baggage !!.

  TomJerry 15:18 09 Jul 2005

even tax man missed you

do a proper price comparison first before you try anything

power supply is NOT a big problem becuase most PC has auto power sense and switch or manual power switch between us and rest of the world

the main problem is warrenty, but if you go for famous brand, you can get international warrenty

  Tricky Dicky 18:23 09 Jul 2005

Hello Gingerdaz,
Voltage (US =110V), Keyboard layout sightly different, no £, Euro etc as alt keys are different. Software written in american (it does make a differnce!). Modem connector(wall end) different.
Go to Circuit City/Best Buy/ CompUSA and find a dual voltage model, presuming you are buying a tower system.
My last advice is DON'T!!

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