Buying over the internet

  NickyK 20:24 19 Dec 2004

I want to buy some software from PC World using their website to get discounts.

But I'm a bit worried about the security aspects of on-line purchasing.

Is there anything I should know (or do) that can ensure a reasonable standard of safety/security? (I will be making the puirchase by debit card, not credit card).


  Valvegrid 20:32 19 Dec 2004

You should really make the purchase with a credit card because you do have greater protection. Having said that I think you are fairly safe with PC World. Make sure before you give your card number check the address bar that the site says click here notice the letter 's' at the end of the usual http and the little padlock is visible. You are probably safer making on-line purchases now a days than in some the local shops when its possible to have your card electronically swiped.

  Valvegrid 20:33 19 Dec 2004

Sorry, that shouldn't have appeared as a 'click here' link it should have said https.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 19 Dec 2004

Debit cards are not protected in the same way credit cards are. you could lose all the money in your account.

Better to take out a credit card and only use for online purchases.

Ok now I frightened you, the web is only as bad as you let it be. PCworld is a well known site and should be secure and encrypt your dealings (look for a padlock at the bottm of the browser window)

Also check Tools - internet options - adavanced tab- scroll down to security and check that Do not save encrypted pages to disk is ticked.

  NickyK 20:38 19 Dec 2004

Thankyou, Valvegrid. I did wonder about eh click this since it took me to "Cannot find page" kinda page. I'll thin about the credit card option, but I try not to use them.


  NickyK 20:44 19 Dec 2004

Thank you, Fruit Bat/\0/\. Yes, you did frighten me a little. Good idea about getting credit card for internet purchases only.

Based on the advice of yourself and Valvegrid, I think I'll for the credit card way.

I'm going to resolve this now, but if anyone else wants to post advice, please feel free. I'll keep looking at this strand for the next day or two.


  NickyK 20:45 19 Dec 2004

PS., I won't be making these purchases until after Xmas, so I have time to sort out some kind of credit card deal.

  NickyK 21:16 19 Dec 2004

And I will also do the Tools/check thing. Thanks again.

  NickyK 21:22 19 Dec 2004

Have just done what Fruit Bat/\0/\ suggested. Happily, it was ticked, but now I have a better idea as to why it should be ticked. Thank you again.

  wjrt 22:07 19 Dec 2004

contact credit card supplier explain your worries and ask if they could provide a card with a low credit limit specifically for internet purchases say £100-£150

  radi8or 05:56 20 Dec 2004


Get a Cahoot Web Card click here.

Regards Bob

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