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  henza_mapenza 01:17 25 Aug 2004

Since internet shopping is on the increase, i am still afraid of hackers hacking into the site and get my credit card details. Is it 100% safe to buy things over the internet and what are the factors which reduce the hackers chances of getting credit card details like 128 bit SSL?

  pc moron 01:32 25 Aug 2004

Look for HTTPS:// in the address bar and you should be okay.

Some spoof sites will show the yellow padlock in the status bar, but in the Address Bar the URL begins HTTP://- the giveaway.

Is any system 100% secure?

  Cook2 01:40 25 Aug 2004

My wife shops on line at Sainsbury's and I often buy from Novatech and we bank on line. No problems (so far). If you use your Debit/Credit card in shops you could still get 'stung'.

  Cook2 01:40 25 Aug 2004

My wife shops on line at Sainsbury's and I often buy from Novatech and we bank on line. No problems (so far). If you use your Debit/Credit card in shops you could still get 'stung'.

  BT 09:38 25 Aug 2004

I've been buying on the Internet for several years now and have never had any problems. Statistics show that Credit card security on the internet is much better than any other Credit card useage situations. Don't record your Card Number on your Computer just enter it each time you use it. You will find that your Credit Card account is insured by the Card company against fraudulent use provided you comply with the usual precautions regarding security of PIN Nos etc.
I have used Internet Banking since it was introduced and again have never had any problems and it is so convenient being able to pay your bills and check your account at any time of night or day.
An added advantage of course is the ability to compare prices from numerous suppliers, and I find that the quality and speed of service is excellent with most items being delivered within a couple of days if being sent by post.
So don't be afraid of using the Internet for shopping, its fast, convenient and safe.

  Gongoozler 09:55 25 Aug 2004

I have been buying over the internet for several years now and have never yet had any problems. I always take reasonable care to check that the retailer is genuine. I don't think my credit card is any more at risk over internet purchases than in a shop or restaurant where my details can also be lifted by an unscrupulous person. Provided that you take reasonable care, the credit card company usually gives a degree of protection.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:04 25 Aug 2004

People quite happily hand their credit cards over at shops without giving 'security' a second thought. It is triple easy for ANY shop assistant to copy the details and there is a record on the till report as well.

In the highly unlikely instance that you are scammed , you will be refunded by the credit card company immediately. You have no need to worry.


  stylehurst 10:21 25 Aug 2004

If you are that concerned about security, why not do what many of us do; that is have a second card with a relatively low credit limit and use that for the Internet.

  SEASHANTY 10:37 25 Aug 2004

Good idea. My brother-in-law recently had his Visa
(Barclaycard) cloned after use at a local petrol station. Since then it has been used to purchase
petrol at other filling stations across the area.
Barclays have agreed to refund him and change the card. Garages seem to be a favourite place for card
skimming. I have never had any trouble using my card over the internet altho I do check for the padlock and https in the url.

  Belatucadrus 10:40 25 Aug 2004

Compare the encrypted on-line systems of today with the numerous carbon copies with card number and signature that we used to leave with people we didn't know, of the old manual system. I've purchased thousands of pounds worth on-line, from my car to small PC components and as with the other members in this post so far no problems.

I do however have a check list for new suppliers:-
1] Do they show an address and contact details.
(If yes and it's likely to be big transaction I check companies house, I know it's not definitive but it's a nice check to apply.) No contact details and I generally shop elsewhere.
2] Is the transaction page security encrypted, no 's' and padlock, no deal, this one is set in stone, never ever break this one.
3] I try to stick to suppliers I've heard of, this one is a guideline not a rule and gets broken on occasion.

I know that this has nothing to do with hackers, but it does add a little to what is already a safe way of shopping.

  TomJerry 10:58 25 Aug 2004

I have been buying from net for a few years in many sites in different countries. I had a few problems,i.e. strange charges appeared, but I got refund everytime by speaking to credit card provider. I am still buying from net, there maybe more incidents, but I am not worry much because card providers normally correct "mistakes".

You can get a "disposable" on-line credit card, i.e. set agreed limit and only use once. Cahoot (part of Abby National) offers this service.

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