Buying a new pc for a typical family

  PCUSELESS 17:45 28 Jul 2008

Hi everyone,
I'm sure this must be the most commom query raised by non-pc people but I hope you'll be gentle with me!
Current pc is 6 years old and I want to replace it. It struggles with speed and I assume this is down to the crappy processor inside as well as age?! Our main use is really only for The Net, email, MSN. iTUNES, word (or similar) for homework etc so probably a typical family really (but no need for gaming). I see the Dell ads everyday in the papers for the packages which include the Pentium dual processor. Is that the main thing I should be looking out for to ensure that it can handle the basic requirements set out above?
As you'll no doubt be aware, those Dell packages come out at about £350/400? Is that the price range I should be looking at or more?

So there you have it. Rather than procrastinate any longer I really need an expert to say, 'buy that, that or that and it'll stop your teenagers from moaning about how slow their pc is'!!!

Finally, will I need to do anything about my current Norton protection subscription or will it automatically transfer over to the new pc? Any other basic tips when moving over to a new pc that there's a good chance I may overlook would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in anticipation of your help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:13 28 Jul 2008

click here at £449 with a 22" screen and 3Gb of RAM it is a good buy and will more than suffice for your needs. I would dump Norton and use AVG free on the computer. Dell make excellent machines.


  mrwoowoo 23:37 28 Jul 2008

This link makes a bit more sense of it.
click here

GANDALF <|:-)> is right about Norton.Give it the push and your old pc may even be a bit faster as it is very resource hungry.
The cpu with that pc is the slowest duel core going,but should be perfectly adequate .
A good tip to speed up your new pc with VIsta is to alter the default power setting.Go into control panel,then power options and tick high performance.

  ambra4 01:51 29 Jul 2008

The Dell Inspiron 530s is a excellent buy at £449 Includes VAT & Shipping for a typical family use

The only items that I would change is the 2 buttons mouse to the Dell Optical Scroll Premium

Mouse, and add the Dell™ A525 Speakers with Subwoofer

Total £484.00 Includes VAT & Shipping

  PCUSELESS 16:54 29 Jul 2008

Thanks very much for your suggestions and advice and I'll definitely follow them. As far as the Norton is concerned, I remember someone else mentioning that it can cause your pc to slow down. Is AVG as good as Norton in terms of the protection it provides and if so why would idiots like me pay money to Norton?! Is it just ignorance?!

  mrwoowoo 18:34 29 Jul 2008

"Is it just ignorance?!"
I wouldn't put it as strongly as that,but to an extent, yes.
AVG or Avast will protect your pc perfectly well along with a good free anti-spyware programme,such as spyware terninator click here

  citadel 20:23 29 Jul 2008

I have norton on one of my pc's and avg on the other, I prefer norton and have never had any slowdown, modern pc's can easily handle av and other tasks at the same time.

  brundle 23:32 29 Jul 2008

Norton has a reputation for dragging the performance of any machine a few percent south, but a trial version of the 2009 edition(s) shows promise - the fact they have re-written huge chunks of it shows they are aware of many people's opinion that it's a resource-hog; click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:55 30 Jul 2008

You have to pay for Norton and AVG is free...there is no contest. Use the money saved to buy a 4Gb flash drive..this will be of much more use and will save your bacon one day.


  PCUSELESS 20:50 30 Jul 2008

Thanks again guys-appreciate the help.

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