Buying new PC - need files from old PC

  Sirpad 22:47 03 Oct 2005

I'm just about to buy a new Dell 5100 and would like to know how I can transfer all my .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, Outlook files etc from my old PC which runs Win95 and I have no CD-RW drive.

Also, new PC has 80GB..should I make sure this is partitioned or will XP SP2 be able to handle the 80GB regardless?

Also...will Norton Internet Securities 2005 be sufficient to protect me whilst using Outlook and the internet?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

  DieSse 23:32 03 Oct 2005

XP can handle 80Gb standing on it's head.

Ample way of transferring your data - without having to go inside your new system - would be to buy an external hard drive caddy (basically just a small box to hold the drive), with a USB connection.

Take the old drive from the old system, fit it into the caddy (very, very, straightforward).

Then plug the caddy into your new system, whereupon it should be found automatically by XP, and allow you to copy across all the files you need.

  DieSse 23:36 03 Oct 2005

NortonIS is a great resource hog. You can do much better. NOD32 click here for AV - Sygate or Kerio for a firewall - Adaware and Spybot for Anti-Spyware.

All free (for non-commercial use) apart from NOD32 (free trial though). If you really want a free (for non-commercial use only) AV then Avast is probably the best.

  DieSse 23:37 03 Oct 2005

Ample - should read A simple .....

  Sirpad 11:14 04 Oct 2005

Will running NOD32, Kerio and Spybot all together not slow things down? Do I really need all three? Is there no package that does it all?

  DieSse 23:00 04 Oct 2005

Will running NOD32, Kerio and Spybot all together not slow things down?

Less than any other solution, as NOD32 is by far the fastest and least resource hungry AV there is, by a mile (and best at detecting viruses too!) - yes there are packages that do it all - but not as well as the best of the seperates.

I run NOD32, Sygate and Spybot together very happily.

  Pineman100 11:46 05 Oct 2005

Does your old Win 95 computer have an operational USB port? If so, you could buy a little USB data stick and copy all your files on to it. They're not expensive - you can get a 256MB one for well under 20 quid.
Then it's just a matter of copying the files off the stick on to your new HDD.
Try a google search on USB Data Stick and you'll find loads of them.

  britto 12:16 05 Oct 2005

Another possibility,
If you have a digital camera and use a memory card reader copy and paste files using the card.

  anchor 13:37 05 Oct 2005

Windows 95 and support for USB:

click here

  Sirpad 14:27 05 Oct 2005

Thank you again guys..think I'll go with the USB data stick (assuming my USB port is working)to copy data from old PC. Don't have a digital camera Britto (I'm of the old school of photographers).

I think go with NOD32. Been reading mostly rave reviews from other users.
Someone said that the latest version also handles Adware and Spyware but if not I'll also try Sygate and Spybot.
Thanks again y'all.

  007al 17:12 05 Oct 2005

ok,if you get a cat5 cross over cable cable and run it from pc to pc (you can get one for about £5),in xp,click start-all programs-accessories-system there you will find files and settings transfer wizard.xp will swap them for you.its the easiest way unless you just rig your old hard drive up to your new pc.

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