buying a new pc on a budget

  haaarty 12:54 30 Nov 2006

please could someone help us as we are clueless about computer husband and i want to get our 13 year old a computer for himself he plays world of warcraft on ours at the mo and will go on to do his music on his own one plus surf the net for homework, but we can only go to about 400 pounds (give up now i hear u all say lol). currys have a deal on one with screen,keyboard,media,cd copy and printer i think,price is 400 pounds down from 500 pounds but are these sort of deals any good? if anyone knows of a good deal we would be most grateful.
thanks a lot

  anskyber 13:18 30 Nov 2006

£400 will get you a very decent machine these days. There are many places you an go to and you might well be best buying locally if you want the opportunity of taking it back to the store.
Otherwise there are places like click here where you can get a very well speified machine in the price bracket you want.

If you can post a link to the Currys computer people here will offer advice on the machine.

  Andsome 13:58 30 Nov 2006

DEFINITELY buy from a local computer builder, and only have on it what you will use, and NOT loads of so called freebies.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:07 30 Nov 2006

Flying in the face of the above advice..I would be very wary of buying from any local builder. We have had 3 disappear within 3 years. Just because they are local does not mean that you will get good service. Stick with Currys or PCW, they will still be here next week.


  stylehurst 14:30 30 Nov 2006

another alternative to Currys or PC World is Novatech, they've been around for a long time, and always get a good review on this forum. click here

  countryboy 14:42 30 Nov 2006

Having a similar problem myself, I opted to buy from Currys, their prices are very competative, and they will be there next week if it all goes pear shape.

  Simsy 17:18 30 Nov 2006

be sure to make it clear to the supplier that games will be played on it...

Games are amoung the most demanding bits of software, both in terms of graphics and CPU chip resources.

That's not to say a cheaper machine wont cope, because it will, but I'd suggest you make sure that it has the ability to have the graphics card upgraded. As games get more demanding a newer graphics card may be needed to play it. Not all machines are capable of having the graphics card replaced, as some are "built in" to the motherboard.

I hope this makes sense!

Good luck,



  Simsy 17:21 30 Nov 2006

stylehurst gave the wrong link... it should be click here



  Simsy 17:22 30 Nov 2006

click here



  Totally-braindead 17:58 30 Nov 2006

Almost any PC you buy will satisfy all your requirements but one. Games. You mention World of Warcraft. Now presumably your son won't stop with this game alone and will want some others. Because of this what I would say is by all means buy one of the PCs on special offer, the cheaper ones tend to have onboard graphics which will do for everything but games. But make sure whatever you buy has at least an AGP port or better still a PCI Express slot so you can upgrade the graphics. Otherwise your son will end up with a PC he cannot use for games and he will not be a happy bunny.
If you can get one at your budget with a seperate graphics card that will do the job then perfect, if not and you get something that does use onboard graphics remember what I said about the graphics and be prepared to spend say £80 later on to upgrade it.
Perhaps something like one of these is worth considering click here the cheapest one works out at £350.15 including Windows XP home and that would allow you to get a reasonable TFT monitor and still stay under £500. The graphics it comes with is pretty poor but it comes with a PCI Express slot which means you can upgrade the graphics card later on.
Alternatively look at PC World, not a big fan of them price wise for individual parts but some of their PC system deals are fantastic, but again check what graphics they have and check it has either an AGP or PCI Express slot. If it has neither then I personally wouldn't buy it.

  Legolas 19:29 30 Nov 2006

Totally-braindead is right I was recently looking for a new laptop and could have got plenty of 17" Laptops with large HDD and 1024 of RAM.

The thing that always pushed the price up was the fact I wanted a High spec Graphics card.

I eventually ended up paying almost £900 but I got what I wanted, of course you always get more for your money when buying a desktop as opposed to a Laptop.

If you stretch your budget to get a decent future proof graphics card for gaming you will probably find it will work out cheaper in the long run.

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