Buying a new PC

  partyboy17uk 09:14 22 Mar 2003

Hey all,
I am planning on buying a new PC at the end of March/beginning April. I have been looking all around at different companies and found either Time Computers or Mesh Computers, Dell is a bit too expensive. I just dont really know which one is more reliable out of the 2 as I cant find any reviews of the companies anywhere. Which one would you go with? Which one has a better record?
Thanks for your help.

  partyboy17uk 09:23 22 Mar 2003

I was just looking through the forums and found this really nice site that compares UK companies called So forget the last question, which UK PC company out of all of them do you think is most reliable and cheapish? Thanks.

  AMD 4 ever 09:33 22 Mar 2003

mesh seem to be very reliable. it is the after sales and service that is equally as important as the alot of manufaturers use a lot of the same components.

  partyboy17uk 09:43 22 Mar 2003

Thanks AMD 4 ever, when i compared Mesh and Time, the reasons why Time was so much cheaper was because they only had a 12 month warranty while Mesh has a 3 year warranty. So when you add the price of the Time 3 year warranty to the system then they are about the same price. So not much difference between them in pricing. Time is actually a bit higher on Romulus 2's list than Mesh. Anyone else recommend any other reliable and good PC company? Thanks.

  clayton 11:27 22 Mar 2003

Have you looked @ Eversham

click here

I wouldnt go anywhere near Time.

Also look here

click here

click here

click here

  Andsome 12:14 22 Mar 2003

LOCAL SHOP every time.

  jediknight007 15:17 22 Mar 2003

They might have cheap PCs with loads of stuff but they are limited when it comes to upgradability. Also, most of the PCs have a GeForce 4 MX or onboard graphics. Most PCs at similar prices have much better components.

  duplo 15:29 22 Mar 2003

Dont go with time- time's machines tend to underperform from what I have read.

Go with another computer company... Eversham are good as are Mesh.

  partyboy17uk 16:17 22 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone for your help.
I am starting to lean more towards Evesham even though they are a bit more expensive....But the quality of service sounds really good from all the reviews. I might end up going to the Local Evesham shop near me, in Nottingham. Again, thank you!


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