buying new PC

  redlemon 18:00 16 Feb 2004

Hi there . Can anyone advise me on which PC to get . I want a good quality system :
I want a decent flatscreen 17"-19"
a decent graphics card
and something fast .

I have just had a nightmare with Dell , so I also want a reputable company . Preferably with the software unpreloaded .

Carrera look good , but am I being a snob ? What is the Skoda of computers ?

Marcus West

  Diodorus Siculus 18:16 16 Feb 2004

No definitive answers - all depends on what you want it for and how much you are willing to pay.

Check the reviews in different mags and find one that meets your requirements.

Be sure to pay with a credit card -even if you have to borrow a friends. People didn't see the collapse of Multivision and it may well happen again to a similar retailer.

  VoG II 18:17 16 Feb 2004

Make sure that it comes with a Windows disk, or at least a recovery disk.

  citadel 18:18 16 Feb 2004

alienware computers are very fast and good quality.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:20 16 Feb 2004

Oh, and have a look at Novatech who have a 19inch tft for £350 or thereabouts.

  961 18:42 16 Feb 2004

Novatech are reliable and have some good basic computers without o/s if you wish. However if you buy a system without o/s installed and then it doesn't work when you install there is always the chance that the manufacturer and you will argue about where the fault ( and blame) lies.

I believe click here build good computers and will supply a disk and offer a refund if you are not happy within 7 days IF you buy their standard off the shelf systems

I would suggest that if you want an up to date computer at a reasonable price you go for Athlon XP 2500-3000. Get the monitor after looking at the reviews. You don't need spend more than £700 to get a system that will trounce all the latest software and then pick the screen to go with it

If you are persuaded to go for Athlon 64 you need to wait until mid summer when new motherboards and processors will arrive. Otherwise you will not be able to upgrade in a couple of year's time. The same can of course be said of Athlon xp but then you are paying now £300/£400 less which will enable you to buy a new motherboard and processor to fit your system in 2 years time and still be ahead financially

Remember whoever you buy from always pay by credit card, and don't buy long term warranties. If it is going to go wrong it will happen in the first few months

  Mysticnas 18:45 16 Feb 2004

Mesh and Evesham are meant to be good, although i've had no dealing with them. I tend to build my own.

Poweroid are regarded as good too, although they themselves admit they may not have the lowest prices but they have the best pc's. I was going to buy from them, but decided to self build

click here

  Suzuki ITFC 19:49 16 Feb 2004

Mesh have a system for £500.

  clayton 20:04 16 Feb 2004

How about this ?

click here

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