buying a new monitor,"but which one"?

  Boy Zone 20:05 28 Feb 2005

Time has now come to consider a new monitor, current one playing up.
I think I will stay with a crt, but which one?
I think I will be buying a 19", currently have a 17".
Can anyone recommend a good place to buy,and any recommendations.
I have £150 to £200 to spend.

  Happy Soul 20:08 28 Feb 2005

Time to go for a TFT click here and see if there is anything you like in your price range. Clearer picture and less eye strain. + More desk space.

  Happy Soul 20:10 28 Feb 2005

Forgot to say, a 15" TFT is almost the same viewing area as a 17" CRT and the 17" CRT almost the same as a 19" CRT.

  Happy Soul 20:12 28 Feb 2005

I meant 17" TFT almost the same as a 19" CRT.

  Happy Soul 20:12 28 Feb 2005

I meant 17" TFT almost the same as a 19" CRT.

  Boy Zone 20:45 28 Feb 2005

Thanks for your reply, but I've decided NOT to go for a TFT, I like crt monitors. Plus I know of others who have TFT and did'nt get on with them, even though they paid a premium amount to get a good TFT class A grade.
SO it's crt for me.

  Graham ® 20:54 28 Feb 2005

Acer AC713B £60

click here

  freaky 20:54 28 Feb 2005

Go for a good TFT 17" with fast response time such as a Iiyama ProLite E435.

In my opinion CRT's will not be with us much longer....TFT's are the viewing medium for the future.

I have a 19" CRT Iiyama Vision Master Pro 451 which I bought 3 years ago for use on this Pc. I also have a new Pc which uses the TFT 17" Iiyama E435. The TFT is as good or better than the CRT but far less eye strain, and playing Half Life-2 is excellent. Plus it takes up far less desk space.

  Graham ® 21:04 28 Feb 2005

PS. I can recommend the Monitor on Ebuyer, especially with the T120E alongside!

  Meshuga 21:37 28 Feb 2005

I agree with freaky. I have the E435 and it`s certainly easier on the eyes. Not had any bother with it either.

  Strawballs 01:03 01 Mar 2005

click here can recomend this site I bought a 15" tft £116 but they do CRT I went in there as I am local to it but I have ordered from them online before no problems.

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