Buying new Laptop with Vista advise please

  DJ-Garry 17:04 01 Oct 2007

Hi Guys.

I'm looking to buy a new laptop with a 17" screen.
I bought an Acer for about £399 the kids about a year ago with a 15" screen, 80Gb HDD etc and it's been great. Upgraded the RAM to speed it up a bit and it does all they want. I now need one as a desktop replacement so want the big screen, larger HDD and 2Gb RAM so went on ebuyer and found this one (click here).

It seems to have loads for the money, reduced by £100 to £549 so all seems well and good. The only reservation I have is that it's got Vista Home Premium OS. Am I likely to get many compatability problems with software etc or are most of the issues getting ironed out now.
The programs I use most are:

MS Office 2003 (for XP)
Paintshop Pro 7
DVD Shrink 3.2
Cute FTP Pro 7
YAmp v1.3
WinAmp 5.24
ScreenCorder v1.0
Nokia PC Suite 6
DVD Region Free 3.10
Magic Folders
MP3 Gain
Limewire Pro

  Belatucadrus 17:23 01 Oct 2007

Driver issues are apparently being ironed out as time goes by.
Software issues are another thing entirely and is going to depend on the software house in question producing a Vista compatible version. Don't be too surprised if you have to buy some replacements if the older stuff doesn't run.

  DJ-Garry 18:08 01 Oct 2007

Does anyone have any experience of envoking XP designed software to run on Vista using the compatability option?

  Newuser939 18:44 01 Oct 2007

If it helps, I have just been through this exercise and Office 2003 and Paintshop Pro 7 definitely work with Vista but Nero Version 6 does not. I don't know about the other programs you mention. Just incidentally, if you get a laptop with a trial version of Office 2007 on it, do uninstall that before installing your Office 2003 - I didn't and got into a terrible muddle.

  woodchip 19:01 01 Oct 2007

My advise is, Get a XP Laptop if you can find one. One that lets you use the Hardware and Software you already Have

  DJ-Garry 22:54 01 Oct 2007

Whats Vista XP ?????????

  woodchip 22:54 01 Oct 2007

How do you change it to XP

  DJ-Garry 23:16 01 Oct 2007

Perhaps we'll never know woodchip !!!!!!

  citadel 23:24 01 Oct 2007

you need 2g of ram for vista for best results.

  woodchip 23:31 01 Oct 2007

Well I asked as I want a Laptop with XP

  woodchip 23:32 01 Oct 2007

This one would do me fine if it was XP
click here

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