buying a new laptop?

  stephen1978 20:32 10 Sep 2009

can someone plz advise me on this laptop plz ??? is it any good ??

1GB memory
160GB hard drive
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
802.11b/g WLAN
5 in 1 card reader
Genuine Windows XP Home
8.9" CrystalBrite™ TFT LCD, 1044 x 600 pixel resolution
Intel Atom N270 Processor (1.6 GHz)
Built-in webcam with integrated microphone
2200mAh 3-cell Lithiu-Ion battery (up to 3 hours life)

cheers steve

  GaT7 20:51 10 Sep 2009

It's one of those netbooks, isn't it? Have you seen/worked on one of these firsthand at all? Some people feel they're a bit too small, so something to consider if thinking of purchasing one.

Also, what are you going to use it for, the price of the one you posted, your budget (if you have one) & would you consider a regular laptop? G

  chub_tor 20:51 10 Sep 2009

Is it any good for what?

email -yes

internet - yes

word processing - yes if you download Open Office.

Skype - yes it has a webcam

it has a card reader - that's good

it has a very small display - that's bad for oldies like me

it has a very small keyboard - that's even worse for those of us with fat fingers

it doesn't have an internal DVD player

it does have good battery life

the hard drive is adequate and the memory is just acceptable.

Why not post the make and model and we may be able to compare it with others or even find reviews that compare it with others.

  stephen1978 21:04 10 Sep 2009

im looking for a fairly cheap laptop all i want it for is:

1)surfing the net


thats all really lol.....a laptop that has a good prossecer

  chub_tor 22:16 10 Sep 2009

If all you want to do is surf the net and email then the speed of the processor is immaterial more importantly you should think about whether potability is important and how much downloading you will do.

If you want a small machine that you can almost stick in your pocket and surf virtually anywhere using battery power then a netbook is probably your answer and the machine spec that you gave will fill the bill.

If however you think that in the future you might like to download videos, games, music and watch, play, listen and burn them to a CD in the comfort of your home then you might like to consider a larger laptop with a bigger keyboard and screen.

If you need "a good processor" you will be more likely to find one in a full size laptop rather than in a netbook.

  PA28 22:47 10 Sep 2009

Netbooks are good on the move - I have the NC10 - but they're no replacement for a fully fledged PC. Screen size is a limitation even for the internet and the keyboard can be cramped on many (the NC10 is very good in this respect). Battery life is excellent compared to most laptops and portability - literally the size of a book - is great. Check which battery the netbook you're buying comes with - the NC10 can come with a >4 hour battery or >10 hour battery. Replacement batteries are expensive!

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