Buying a Mesh pc

  Raz3 13:17 06 Apr 2006

I've been looking to upgrade my pc and have been looking at your have reviewed quite a few mesh pc's and they sound great.but i have heard some scary reviews about mesh and there after care service.i was going to spend £2500 on a mesh.can you please advise

  Totally-braindead 13:31 06 Apr 2006

What can I say, some people have had terrible problems with Mesh PCs but you can say the same about any manufacturer. If you do a search for any manufacturers you will find problems.

The only thing I can say is what has been said before. If a company sells more PCs than another then they will have more people with a problem than another company that sells fewer. Consequently if you look at Mesh or Dells you might see many people having problems but if you look at a smaller scale company there will be fewer people having problems.

The percentage rate might be the same but it looks like the bigger manufacturers have more problems. For example, if company A sells 100 PCs and 5% have problems you could see 5 problems. But by the same token if you look at company B and it sells 100,000 PCs and also has 5% with a problem then you would see 5000 problems. See what I mean.

Some people like Mesh, some don't, some people like Dell, some don't, some like PC World, some don't.

My advice, have a good look about and see what all the companies are offering and then decide.

  pj123 13:45 06 Apr 2006

I have always built my own computers so I can't comment on Mesh, Dell, PC World or others.

But remember, that Mesh (at least) has a rep on this Forum so any problems you might encounter would be very quickly resolved with just one email.

  donki 13:49 06 Apr 2006

I agree with Totally,

I bought a MESH system and it arrived last week on-time and is fantastic. Great build quality and helpful staff. If u end up buying definitely check out the MESH forum at HEXUS.NET.


  donki 13:51 06 Apr 2006

If you notice that Davey and now Phil from MESH seem to seek out forums and help people with problems.

  Saali Chuud 15:03 06 Apr 2006

Mesh and other PC vendors build machines, send it out to the experts (like PC advisor), gets a great review (must say, MESH machines are good/great).

Now build thousands of them, sell it to thousands out there, MAJORITY work like a dream - no problems. Now a small minority develop problems (it's bound to, the world is not perfect so are all the machines), here is where MESH fall apart and I think they have a lot of room for improvement.

It should start from the top, the big boss in Customer Services needs to look down and re-asses thier current customer services practises .
If they can have this sorted, I doubt MESH name will appear in this forum.

Acknowleding e-mails, keeping customer informed of the progress of the query, returning calls, revealing thier names (person who is owning your problem), sticking to promises, sorting internal inter departmental communication (Customer Services & Repair shop) are some steps which can make a lot of difference between excellent,good, fair, poor and appalling customer service.

Remember the customer is paying for thier profits, wages and is without use of thier purchased computer, have to find time/effort to despatch/receive and chase for information re what's happening, when fixed, when will he/she receive it back.

Customers would rather not have a faulty PC but a good working one and those with good working ones are the lucky ones unlike those who happen to be the unlucky minority with PC problems. I for sure dont want to be the unlucky one but that's life, however if I am the unlucky one, I dont want my experience with any PC vendor Customer Service put me off all computers for good (purchasing/using).

  Curio 15:12 06 Apr 2006

My Son-in-Law bought his Mesh PC just over two years ago. Apart from a setup query re Loudspeaker connections, he has had no problems at all. Is still going strong. From that I would give a recommendation for Mesh.

  squillary 17:23 06 Apr 2006

I note everyone's criticisms of Mesh roduct, but every one I've been involved with has been great. The only idiot that's screwed up any of them has been me...

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