Buying loaded PC and not getting installation disk

  Grambo 18:35 16 Mar 2004

Refering to a machine purchased from PC World about a year ago. I always thought it strange that I was never given the software disks. Until now I have never needed them. How do I stand, bearing in mind registration, about getting them back. Too put it more bluntly, why would a big chain wish to retain them. I have an open mind about this so far.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 16 Mar 2004

Do you have the packing sheet for the machine; perhaps there was not meant to be "software CDs".

Did you get a floppy disk with it? If so, that might have a program to allow you to reinstall your OS and software from a hidden partition on the hdd.

In short, a money saving exercise.

  mgmcc 18:49 16 Mar 2004

Some PCs are sold without either a "recovery" CD or a proper copy of the Windows CD, instead they may have a special partition on the hard drive which can be accessed to "recover" the operating system and any other pre-installed software.

This does mean that you cannot use a Windows CD to "repair" a problem installation - it is an all-or-nothing reinstall to the original state. It also means that, in the event of hard disk failure or total corruption, you don't have a copy of Windows.

I think it unlikely that PC World have deliberately withheld disks, it is more likely that disks were not supplied with the PC.

Although I am not up on the technicalities, the problem has arisen as a result of the licensing of Windows operating systems by Microsoft. They have placed restrictions on the supply of Windows CDs and one suggested reason is to make it more difficult to install another operating system, such as Linux.

  Grambo 18:54 16 Mar 2004

No disks regarding XP, Office etc were handed over. To expand a bit, who actually paid for the product, or is this what you are driving at. The licence key must belong to someone. I have purchased machines from suppliers other than PC World and have been given all software. Bottom line is I need them now for this machine

  Diodorus Siculus 19:02 16 Mar 2004

Is the software on a hidden partition on the machine? It may well be. As I aksed, what was on the packing slip? And do you have a recovery floppy disk?

  Grambo 19:02 16 Mar 2004

Thanks guys. Basically I have to uninstall/ reinstall Office XP. This is to initially install Office 7.0 and then reinstall Office XP. Cant see how I can risk this without CD. I have seen 'recovery' component on 'D' drive I must admit

  gengus 19:07 16 Mar 2004

sounds to me mate you have plenty of knowledge
of how a p.c. works,take the plunge and use cheaper (or free) operating system/software
your computer deserves it

  holly polly 19:09 16 Mar 2004

hi gday been reading your thread ,and yet another instance of a company exploting the un known ,all to often we see the shiny do any biz in the shop and the nice friendl recommendations from the sales advisor who knows next to nowt about computors -er sorry to waffle on a bit this doesnt help your dilema ,do you have the original bill of sale?if you have i'd be inclined to give a mighty big knock on the door of the supplier ,state you bought in good faith and it was your assumption should anything go wrong there was the relevent disks to amend the fault after all isn't the cost of this software all too often incorparated in the retail price?.i my self wouldn't touch a system
unless it had the back up disks --then again we learn by our mistakes ,stick to your guns you might be suprised then again don't hold your breath sorry to sound so cynical but i've rarely seen pc world come up trumps -good luck and give em hell -hol pol ...

  gengus 19:09 16 Mar 2004

ignore that horrid green link !

  Grambo 19:17 16 Mar 2004

Have receipt in front of me (packing sheet?). No breakdown at all. Seems to me such a fundamental issue regarding software license/owner/posesser/ that it should raise differing views. Is there a lawyer in the house lol. I will of course tackle PC W about this issue and pass on the result

  gengus 19:21 16 Mar 2004

did you purchase a warranty grambo?,if so how much have you left?

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