Buying a Less Unstable Graphics Card

  bengreenwood 17:42 04 Nov 2007


I'm thinking about buying a Geforce 7600 based card, specifically this one:
click here

Basically at present I have a 256mb Avanhard Radeon 9550. It's a piece of junk. My system restarts randomly if I use it for more than 6-7 hours, and if I play graphics intensive games like HL2, that drops to 2-3 hours.

So I'm wondering, would the restarts happen less often with the Geforce 7600 card? I'm currently using an old GF2 in it, and the restarts don't seem to be happening anymore. Of course though I want something a bit more powerful for games.

BTW yes my system/ graphics card is out of warranty.

My system is:

ASRock K8Upgrade-1689 Motherboard
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+ Model 12, Stepping 2
CPU Speed: 1999 MHz
1.5gb ram

Thanks for any help.

  citadel 18:06 04 Nov 2007

card looks ok, I would also get a new psu as a faulty one can cause the symptoms that you have, more so if it was a cheap one the came with the pc.

  bengreenwood 18:20 04 Nov 2007

Okay, what would you recommend? How hard is it to install one yourself? Is it worth getting it done by a shop/ how much would that cost?


  citadel 21:56 04 Nov 2007

psu is held by 4 screws, take note of what connectors you unplug, motherboard, dvd drive etc. if you can install a graphics card you can change a psu. for a psu there are a range at I would get a corsair hx520, but if it is too expensive there are others to choose from. remember to take anti static precautions before and during working on the pc.

  Ashrich 22:06 04 Nov 2007

Sounds more like an overheating problem rather than a dodgy graphics card , if the card was faulty it would fall over a lot quicker than that , if the drivers were no good then quicker still , more likely a build up of heat due to a poor or dirty heatsink and fan on the graphics , or poorly vented case , this being the reason it ( or something ) fails faster when playing games , don't forget the processor is also stressed and get MUCH hotter when gaming , check the fan for a build up of dust , fluff or whatever first before spending money on what might not be the problem , Athlon processors do get hotter than average .


  bengreenwood 22:14 04 Nov 2007

Well, thanks for the reply but if it's not the graphics card why does the same problem not happen with the GF2? I mean if it's the heatsink that's screwed on the ATI card doesn't that mean I just need a new card anyway? I really wouldn't mind that new GF card because it seems loads more powerful. I just hope it's more reliable too.

BTW That Radeon card just generally seems like a piece of crap. I can't even get bloody proper drivers for it because the company folded, as far as I can tell by searching google for Avanhard. Also it says on the box you get hardware DVD but you don't- I tried downloading ATI's DVD software and it didn't recognise the CD when I put it in.

I remember someone saying the company probably suck because of something like only ATI are supposed to make their own cards or something.

Anyway I really appreciate your responses guys. They're really useful, so thanks. 22:17 04 Nov 2007

i would agree, get a couple of cans of air and a brush sounds like heat to me.

  citadel 22:19 04 Nov 2007

I would get the new card first as it is miles better than what you have now and see how it go's. 22:19 04 Nov 2007

drivers click here

  bengreenwood 12:03 05 Nov 2007

I've already got the latest ATI drivers. Maybe I'll try the PSU. Turns out the GF2 has started crashing as well so it looks like it probably is the PSU. Are some PSUs more stable than others? I mean, I'm not really sure how to describe mine, it just says Advance on it, and output 400 max.

But I think it definitely is over-heating, no question about that. I leave the case off it and it doesn't restart so frequently..

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