buying a laptop - how do you connect to internet?

  di 15:10 20 Oct 2006

I am very happy with my old desktop pc and was just reading about laptops and how versatile they are, I am thinking about buying one as my old computer runs on windows 98 and I cant even download pics off a digital camera or download music. I was considering a laptop to use and keeping my old pc for letter writing etc my questions are, how do you connect to the internet with a laptop?, I do not have broadband so would I be able to download music, can I connect to my printer? and finally I read in a magazine about buying refurbished laptops from a company called does anyone have experience of them and is it a good idea. They do seem to have great laptops iwth lots of free software etc.

  JayDay 15:14 20 Oct 2006

You connect the same way as a desktop. Most laptops come with a fax/modem which allows you to use your dialup connection.

  Enoch 15:24 20 Oct 2006

I have never used anything but a laptop, migrating to it from the old Psion. I am currently on my 3rd one over the past 11 years, the others being passed onto the kids. I print, surf the net, email, download pictures and music and even movies from Sky. Of course I was orignally on dial-up but now on broadband. I am continually connected to my printer and I am hardly using any area of my desk.

Go for a laptop, its the only way to go!!

  Ikelos 15:55 20 Oct 2006

as has been said, Laptop every time, sales of them are now better than desktops, best way to connect is with a wireless router,then you can take it anywhere it the house and in the summer out in the garden...

  Ive 16:00 20 Oct 2006

I would steer clear of refurbed and look at Acer laptops choosing one with 512-1024mb memory and a 60 or 80 gig hard drive plus DVD-Dual double layer RW they are very reasonabley priced if you shop around.

  Ive 16:02 20 Oct 2006

Look here click here;jsessionid=154538e4275738e/shopdata/index.shopscript

  HauxtonPhil 16:42 20 Oct 2006

Just to pour a little cold water over the above comments.
Laptops are great BUT the are easy to steal, easy to drop, not easy to add on to, not as reliable as desktops, rarely have decent warantees (as they are less reliable), and they are ergonomic disasters. It is physically impossible to use them in a comfortable position because you cannot have your elbows at right angles and the top of the screen level with your eyes - resulting in bad digestion and back and neck problems. Also, as one gets older, one has increasing problems with coping with the smaller, tightly spaced keys.
As for downloading music etc - great if you have broadband connection, but tedious and potentially expensive if you are on dial up.
My advice is - think very carefully about ALL the pros and cons before you spend money

  Technotiger 17:00 20 Oct 2006
  di 18:29 20 Oct 2006

thanks for all the great advice so far, I will now look at an acer as suggested, what is a wireless router and can you use it with dial up?

  Stuartli 18:52 20 Oct 2006

As a touch typist I hate laptops...:-)

  Ikelos 09:02 21 Oct 2006

no, you can not use a wireless router with dialup.

Rock laptops come with a 3 year warrenty, collect and return...

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