Buying a laptop-can you advise

  gudda96 14:52 20 Oct 2006

I am an experienced user of desktop pc but I now fancy buying a laptop for several reasons.

I want to gather help/advice from several scources before buying so if anyone can affer advice, it will be welcome.

I only use about 4gig of my present 80gig so it tells you my reqirement in that area.

I only want to do as I am now which is letters-surf-burn photoes to disk-same with small amounts of music, e-mail,dont play games and I wish to have a router.

I dont mind second hand if its big savings but you may advise me not?

From what I see advertised, I see £400 as the maximum

I would like to know the best and the worst laptop brands.

  Ive 16:10 20 Oct 2006

Look at Acer laptops.Very reasonable,reliable and good specs.

  Technotiger 16:33 20 Oct 2006

click here


  HauxtonPhil 16:44 20 Oct 2006

Laptops are great BUT the are easy to steal, easy to drop, not easy to add on to, not as reliable as desktops, rarely have decent warantees (as they are less reliable), and they are ergonomic disasters. It is physically impossible to use them in a comfortable position because you cannot have your elbows at right angles and the top of the screen level with your eyes - resulting in bad digestion and back and neck problems. Also, as one gets older, one has increasing problems with coping with the smaller, tightly spaced keys.

My advice is - think very carefully about ALL the pros and cons before you spend money

  birdface 16:54 20 Oct 2006

I dont want to put you off,But there are a lot of folk out there having Battery trouble at the moment with thier Laptops,Must have been at least a dozen on here this week, So If you get one, Make sure you get at least 1years warranty with it, Think that comes as standard.Millions of batteries have had to be recalled,Anyway hope you get what you are looking for, The members on here will keep you right,

  Technotiger 16:56 20 Oct 2006

Struth mate, what a negative attitude you've got!

No offence meant and I hope none taken - but, cor blimey!!


  rawprawn 17:09 20 Oct 2006

Whist I agree with your sentiments in general,gudda96 has explained that he already has a desktop, and needs a laptop for "Several reasons"
Perhaps one of those reasons is portability, in which case another desktop would not be helpful.

  gudda96 17:48 20 Oct 2006

Hi Guys

Thanks to you all, its best to get good and bad answers as its what I asked for and the best way to reason things out.

Ive--looks a good site, first item is cheap.


HauxtonPhil---not worried about stealing as I am insured in the house,no one would snatch it as I'd cut his hands off(so to speak)--not sure what you mean about hard to had on and not as reliable, care to elaberate please. Good advice about posture and I will watch the pros and cons dont worry.

Rawprawn--Its no big thing, I am retired, the pc is simply a hobby, I like e-mailing, burning my pics to cd's, doing the usual letters, spreadsheets. I have just been to France to help renovate a property for friend and wished at the time I had a laptop to use my card reader, catalogue jobs etc and sometimes I would like to sit downstairs and use it when my wife watches big brother or other crap if you know what I mean.

Thanks to all though, I will await any technical do's and dont's which may help and as I said, I am just gathering stuff at the moment.

  sean-278262 18:10 20 Oct 2006

"-not sure what you mean about hard to had on"

I think he means hard to add on, aka a laptop can only be upgraded in the sense of hard drive and ram. Some rare exceptions are the graphics but it is very rare.

I can agree that laptops can be more annoying to use as they can be more unreliable but overall there is the wonders that you cant really tinker and therefore cant screw it up yourself.

  chrisbenwalker 20:01 20 Oct 2006

I bought an Advent from PC World about 6 months ago, like you, moving slightly away from my desktop (my wife was sick of me using the net locked away in the upstairs dungeon!) so could spend more time downstairs but also have the option of surfing the net.
For £499 I got a decent sempron mobile processor 1.7,wireless, 1 gig of ram, 40 gig HD (small but not a worry as its only for surfing, burning from disks etc, plus have 300gig external, standard dvd burner, and widescreen 15.4 inch display which is a joy as it isnt glossy like a lot of screens out there now.
PC world are doing one pretty like mine for £400 although it has 512ram, but bigger hard drive.

click here

A slightly lesser spec, just depends on what you gonna use it for. Good luck with hunting!

  gudda96 08:50 21 Oct 2006


Sounds like we have similar requirements so you have caught me interest.

After 6 months, have you found anything lacking comparing to your desktop and did you have the courage to get rid of DT.

Do you use the wheel or mouse, if mouse, is it wireless and do they work ok.

Do you have a router
That screen sounds more than adequate for me, you also.
Is Sempron the brand name.

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