Buying a lap top for my 9 year old son

  geek84 09:33 26 Oct 2010

Hi Folks

I am thinking of buying a new or refurbished lap top for my 9 year old son.

Can you advice me if it is better to buy from a local retailer or from the internet (where I may be able to get one cheaper). Is it ok if I buy a refurbished one rather than a brand new one? Also, can you suggest any suitable makes and models?

If I decide to buy a refurbished one, can you please advice what things to look for? i.e. guarantee, cover, etc.

Many Thanks

  recap 09:46 26 Oct 2010

Samsung are a good make, doing a Google search for refurbished laptops brings up quite a large response: click here Check some of these out against what a local retailer is offering on quality and guarantee.

There is also the option of a netbook which maybe as cheap as a refurbished laptop?

  Kevscar1 11:32 26 Oct 2010

Compare guarantees on refurbs against new. 9 yr old boy expect it to be dropped banged a few times.
Definetly buy and good padded bag for it whatever you choose.

  birdface 11:37 26 Oct 2010

Buying of the Internet you have to be carefull who you buy from.
I usually use Amazon or E-buyer both very good companys and both do a free delivery service.
So many things can go wrong with laptops especially with a 9 year old.
If you have any spare room I would say a Desktop would be better and last longer.
Tesco's has a sale every now and then if you go to the likes of PC World or Currys make sure that they do not try and sell you things that you may not need the likes of Norton or Insurance or any other extras that are not needed.

  Proclaimer 18:00 26 Oct 2010

'Buying of the Internet you have to be carefull who you buy from.
I usually use Amazon or E-buyer both very good companys'

Many people say that but seem to forget that anyone can sell on Amazon so there is no guarantee that Amazon sellers are any better than say, e-bay sellers or any other internet store for that matter.

To the original poster, what will your Son be using this laptop for and how long do you expect would you like it to be 'useful' to him for.

  Armchair 11:18 28 Oct 2010

Aldi soemtimes have good value laptops for sale. Or just go to Argos.

click here

  ukpostcode 17:00 28 Oct 2010

Toshiba are well built and last.
Try looking in Staples who do some Toshibas at a decent price.

  Forum Editor 22:48 29 Oct 2010

provided you bear in mind that a 9 year old's level of computer literacy will move at a fast pace, and you will be well advised to buy the best-specified machine you can afford.

On several occasions I've been invited to talk to schoolchildren about aspects of computing, and on each occasion I've been astonished at how rapidly most of them get to grips with the subject. Your son will work with computers for the rest of his life, and he'll benefit from starting with a decent machine.

  Armchair 10:40 30 Oct 2010

Worth mentioning that the PCs Aldi sell come with a three year warranty.

  geek84 16:57 11 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I've just been looking through some of the laptops on sale and am slightly confused with some of the terminology used to describe some of the machines.

Could someone be kind enough to explain what the following means -

1. Dual core processor. What type of processor whould I go for? What about the speed/size?

2. What is the hard drive? What size should I ipt for?

3. Finally, what about memory? Is 1GB memory sufficient for a 9 year old to do homework, word processing and spreadsheet work, together with browsing on the internet?

Many Thanks

  iscanut 19:38 13 Dec 2010

I am no expert but dual core processors are being replaced with faster ones now and you will see laptops with i3, i5 and even i7 processors. For a 9 year old, a slower and thus cheaper processor would be fine. The hard drive is the disk drive within the computer upon which all your programs, data and windows operating system is installed. Again, for a 9 year old I would suggest that 500gb would be more than enough. If price is an issue, then 250gb would be OK. Go for as much memory as you can afford, at least 2Gb, do not consider 1 gb.

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