Buying in iPOD in the USA

  RamUK 10:03 13 Mar 2004

I'm off to the States next month and I'm looking to get a couple of the new mini iPODS for myself and the missus.

A couple of questions:

Are there any inherent risks with doing this that make it a bad idea (I have bought digital cameras abroad over there before with ni issues) ie warranty invalid, unable to charge on UK mains supply etc?

Is it true that you can't use the same docking station for different players and are there any problems (other than the fact I'll need a USB hub)in connecting two iPODS to one PC?


  thisisnighthawk 10:46 13 Mar 2004

before you buy ipod check out iriver..all road tests put the iriver mp3 players miles ahead, on all counts...

  temp003 11:06 13 Mar 2004

Not speaking from experience.

You'll have to check the warranty aspect. Most manufacturers have only local warranties. And be careful if you're told anything about "international warranty", they don't usually mean much, so check what it really means. You might want to call up the local distributor and ask whether they will repair an ipod mini bought in the US (tell them you have an ipod mini from the US already).

Chargers usually have inbuilt transformers anyway which work anywhere (subject to different plugs and sockets). Even if not, just get a power adapter.

As long as the docking station is made for the iPod mini, I don't see why you need 2 docking stations. As far as I can remember, the docking station is bought separately. It must be OK for ANY iPod mini.

I assume you use XP or w2k. Connecting 2 ipods at the same time itself shouldn't be a problem. They'll just appear, I suspect, as 2 removable drives (an ipod mini is just a 4GB IBM microdrive). Whether this (2 at same time) will work with the software provided with ipod itself, no idea. But transferring stuff with the original ipod is pretty fast. If that's anything to go by, worst scenario is do it one at a time. No big deal.

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