Buying a hard drive

  Nihilus 12:17 14 May 2005

I need a new hard drive, because my current one is beginning to sound like a grinding gear-box and disk check says it has some errors.

I want to spend £50-£80 at pc world, my motherboard supports ULTRA ATA 100/133, and i want at least 80gb. What should I look for in terms of specs?

  dagwoood 12:36 14 May 2005

Nihilus, you should be looking for a drive that runs at 7200rpm(improves the seek time)and has a 8MB cache.

This is a good drive click here and if it's available at your local pc world store as a "Collect @ Store item", you could reserve it on-line and go to the store and pay £49.67, as opposed to paying £69.99 if you went and bought if "off the shelf".

You can get hard drives even cheaper on-line though. Ebuyer is a good site.

HTH, dagwoood.

  Nihilus 12:41 14 May 2005

thank you

i know you can get parts online cheaper. I went through a lot of trouble, (sending back and forth 4 times) with a graphics card though, which was advertised as 128 bit, but was only 64 bit, and then the replacement wouldnt work etc. So if you can see where i'm coming from, a shop would be better!

  selfbuild 14:59 14 May 2005

this one click here

It's quieter than the seagate and cheaper to boot.... As dagwood says, use the Collect at store option and save yourself a few quid.....

  dagwoood 15:17 14 May 2005

Nihilus, I can see where you're coming from. Buy online cheaper and hope you don't have any problems with it, or pay dearer for a shop bought one.

I know PC World get some bad press, but if you're savy and know what you want, they do have some good special offers.

selfbuild, didn't notice they had an OEM drive section :blush: . The Samsung drive is a good buy for that price.

  AubreyS 15:35 14 May 2005

I bought one of these. I'm very pleased with it.
click here

  AubreyS 15:39 14 May 2005

Sorry I sent you the wrong one. click here

  SEASHANTY 19:51 14 May 2005

If you purchase a Maxtor drive then you can download the Maxtor software to clone the new drive with an exact copy of your current one. If its a larger drive it will increase the partitions pro rata. You can even clone it without shutting windows down using the Maxblast 4 For Windows utility. It will only work with Maxtor drives though. Download from Maxtor at
click here You can afterwards keep your old drive as a backup copy or use for storage. Just use the new boot drive option after installing the new in the pc as slave )which is usually removal of all the jumpers.

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