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  aviral1990 11:18 25 Mar 2009

My processor is Intel P4 3Ghz,1 gb ram(can get 1 more gb),160gb hard disk,nvidia 7300GS.I wanna buy a new graphic card so that i can play latest games like prince of persia,GTA4,crysis etc not at very high resolutions or high settings. i just want that they should run smoothly at medium settings.Im thninking of buying Nvidia Geforce 9600GT,can this card solve my problems or does processor also hav an important role in games as i dont want to buy a new processor(will increase the cost).So please advice,thnk u

  gazzaho 13:44 25 Mar 2009

You would need to check your motherboard manual to see if it can use more than 1GB of ram, my old Pentium 4 based computer had a motherboard that could only use 1GB total memory.

I can't advise one graphics card over another myself but when buying a new card you would have to be sure which connection it uses, on your machine I would bet it's AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) instead of the newer PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect - Express) interface. The power rating of your power supply may also be important as a lot of newer graphics cards require a lot of power to run, if your PSU is rated 500W or 600W you may be OK using newer cards but if it's only 350W or 400W you may run into problems.

  aviral1990 12:37 26 Mar 2009

Well dont bother about other things,my motherboard supports upto 2gb ram and the power supply says max dc output is 400W.Maybe i can change it too but all i want to know is whthr buying a 9600GT is worth keeping in my mind my other peripherals i.e. processor.

  gazzaho 06:57 28 Mar 2009

If your computer can use 2GB of ram then try the system checker here click here or here click here in order to find the ram best suited to your system, the corsair site will also let you check which power supply you might need in order to run a particular graphics card. I tried it based on a Pentium 4 a GeForce 9600GT and 2 hard drives and it threw up a 400W power supply as capable of running a 9600GT.

To be honest the Pentium 4 is a bit old now and running newer games, even on medium settings may be a problem no matter what graphics card you choose. You would be better buying a new computer rather than thinking of upgrading the Pentium 4 processor, a dual or quad core processor would require a new motherboard, memory and graphics card and it would probably work out cheaper buying a full system rather than completely new internals for an old one.

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