Buying foreign laptops....again

  RamUK 20:28 15 Aug 2005

Sorry to be repeating this query but I seem to be getting a stream of conflicting advice so here's the deal.

Emigarting to US in January and need a laptop prior to then for various reasons I wont go into.

So, if I buy one over here will it run ok in USA. Sony technical department say no, Laptopsdirect say maybe, Technoworld say, yes. Sony also say the spares will be different if it goes wrong and their warranty is not worldwide like say Dell is (I do want the Sony).

So if I do the opposite and save myself money and but it prior in the US, will it run over here ok? Can I just get a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter and hope the cable thingy makes sure it is fed the right amount of power etc.

I'm losing the will to live I only want a ******* laptop. BTW, if anybody knows of a make that offers dual voltage like most desktops seem to do I would be grateful to know who.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:34 15 Aug 2005

You do not need 'dual voltage' for laptops, they only run off 14 volts maximum and this is transformed from 110 or 240 volts by the laptop. You may have to turn a small switch at the rear of the laptop from 240 to 110. You will need an adaptor plug but most laptops come supplied with UK and USA plugs.

Personally I would go for Dell as you have the worldwide warranty and you pay a hell of a lot for the Sony name but if you are a fashionista, the name may be worth it. IMHO Dell lappies knock spots of anything Sony can conjure up.


  Stuartli 21:03 15 Aug 2005

IIRC Sony models automatically adjust the voltage setting.

  Stuartli 21:07 15 Aug 2005

Someone seems to be replacing you in the UK..:-)

click here

  Totally-braindead 21:07 15 Aug 2005

To repeat what was said in your last posting and what Gandalf is saying all laptop power supplies are 110-240v. I really am surprised that Sony does not give a Worldwide warranty. That aside, have you considered just insuring it seperately, I must admit I've no idea of what it would cost but its an idea. I also can't understand why the Sony technical department would say that the Sony laptop wouldn't work in the US. Why? Apart from the difference in voltages I can't see what would be different though I do realise some of the parts may be slighly different in the US but that would only be a problem if something broke an the majority of the parts would be exactly the same. I can see why you're getting a bit frustrated with all the different views from the different suppliers. What about Toshiba laptops, whats their warranty etc.

  DieSse 21:14 15 Aug 2005

If you look here click here= and click on the AC adapter - it will tell you that it runs off 110 to 240V.

You will also see the input lead is detachable - and I bey you can get a UK input lead very easily.

But checkout what the laptop you particularly want - this is only advice for this model, of course.

  DieSse 21:16 15 Aug 2005

I hate these web sites where you can't post direct links to the info needed. Go to click here= and click through until you get the details on accessories.

  Totally-braindead 21:26 15 Aug 2005

I know this maybe a bit out of order and I'm sure hes busy but why not consider clicking the contact the Forum Editor and ask for his comments on this, just ask if he gets a chance to have a look at your thread. I'm sure he and the other staff at PCA have to use laptops in the US and will know if theres any problems you should be concerned about. Apart from the warranty issues I really don't understand why a laptop from the UK wouldn't work in the US. My nephew has a laptop and has used it in about a dozen different countries and hes never had a problem.

  RamUK 22:33 15 Aug 2005


Seriously I have had a Dell laptop (Latitude D610)for 6 months with my current job and it has been a total nightmare, also I have a desktop Dell and their service support is abysmal so I'm not too enamoured.

I just dont understand why the 'techies' at these comapnies were so clueless!

Guys thanks for your help, much appreciated as always.

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