buying a dvd writer

  ski2002 08:39 01 Jul 2003

I am considering buying a dvd writer but unsure what to look for. Will any one work in any pc ?
If any one could give me any buying advice I would really appreciate it thanks.

My pc AMDAthlon 1.3Ghz, 640Mb DDR Ram, 2 hard drives - 30Gb & 60Gb. Running Windows xp

  jonesyi 09:18 01 Jul 2003

Any pioneer drives are good, thik the latest is AO6, go to click here I think they've got a good deal on the AO5 plus they are cheap for discs.

  stlucia 12:46 01 Jul 2003

Generally speaking, any internal DVD writer will work with your PC. It just plugs in like another HDD, and has to be set to Master or Slave depending which cable its on and what else is on the cable -- you'll need to use a second IDE cable since you've already got two HDDs.

If you've got the money, I would go for one which can burn DVD+ and DVD- formats, for it's not clear yet (to me, anyway) which one will become most prevalent. If you want to go for a cheaper single-format machine, check which format your domestic DVD player will accept (assuming you'll be putting photos or videos onto DVD to view on your telly), and then buy one that uses that format.

  ski2002 13:26 01 Jul 2003

Thanks for the help so far, just a quick question why do some say IDE and others say OEM. Will both types work ?

  crx1600 16:06 01 Jul 2003

IDE is the connection type.

OEM means its not the retail version,and will come in a 'brown box' without any extra software supplied. all you get is the drive.

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