Buying a computer that can handle gaming

  00pcnovice00 21:09 23 Aug 2007

I've been struggling with a Dell Dimension 4550 (1024MB of ram, AMD Athlon (tm) XP 1500+...?) for a while and have decided to buy a new computer. My main reason beeing because I want to play games without having to run them on the lowest resolution while still experiencing lag (WoW is probably what I play the most, don't know if that's relevant). I've tried upgrading my ram (to the max, 1gig) but this didn't help; basically at this stage I really just want to buy a ready-made computer that can run games without lag on default or slightly higher video/audio settings. Does anyone have any suggestions for what PC would suit my needs (gaming, internet, general use), my budget is 400-600 pounds; any advice or helpful comments will be gratefully received, thanks.

  Totally-braindead 21:50 23 Aug 2007

One of these perhaps would be a reasonable start click here its in your price range but the graphics isn't great. I have a 7600GS and so far its played everything at a reasonable frame rate but I keep the settings to 1024x768 and I have in a few games dropped the graphics options down a tad. They are top end budget cards rather than gamer cards a 7600GT would be a bit better but the 8800GTS seems to be the card of the moment but you might be struggling to get one within your budget. ( mind you, you could upgrade later if necessary).

These are better obviously hence dearer but worth considering click here

If you can use your old monitor then fine, if not you can get a new 19" TFT for about £110 mark. click here click here

  Totally-braindead 21:55 23 Aug 2007

PS regarding Operating Systems you have a choice. You can get Vista or if you wish buy the PC without an OS and addon an OEM copy of XP Home for £60ish. Some gamers seem to prefer XP but that might alter as there has been a couple of games that have come out for Vista only. If you want to play one of them you will have to get Vista.

If you do get a Vista system then the more memory the better and I would be trying to get 2 gig of memory.

  00pcnovice00 12:25 24 Aug 2007

Thanks for the tips

  Armchair 21:28 24 Aug 2007

You want:-

A Core 2 Duo CPU with a 4MB cache, or a Quad Core if you can afford it.

Might as well get a nVidia 8800 GTS. About £170.

2GB of RAM (or more!).

A good power supply. Might as well slap in a 600w at least.

etc. etc.

  00pcnovice00 15:43 26 Aug 2007

Ok, so i'm probably going to buy the nForcer X2 4800:

click here

But I was just wondering if it is in-fact worth me paying the £80 more for the nForcer X2 5600? I know it has a better processor, hardrive capacity and videocard but will I see a marked difference (i.e. £80's worth).

  00pcnovice00 15:54 26 Aug 2007

Also am I right in thinking that I should stick to Windows XP rather then Vista?

  Totally-braindead 18:01 26 Aug 2007

Please bear in mind these prices are without monitor, you have to add that on.
Is it worth the extra £80?
I don't know, if I could afford the extra I would buy the 5600 but would you really see that much difference, its unlikely. But it would last a bit longer. What I mean us if a game came out specifying it needed a 4800 dual core it would struggle on the 4800 whereas it would probably run perfectly on the 5600. Of course this is the future I am considering.
Would you notice now right this minute? Personally I doubt it but it should last longer.

  Totally-braindead 18:07 26 Aug 2007

Regarding the Vista question its to some degree debatable.
Some gamers are saying that XP runs games faster but there are as I said some games that have come out for Vista only, if you get XP you can't play them. And this will happen more and more as time goes on.
Because this PC has both a fast processor and 2 gig of memory I would tend to lean towards getting Vista.
If there are any particular games you definatly intend to play check that they run with Vista ok and then decide.
Wish I could afford it - perhaps next year eh.

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