Buying CDR's in Bulk.

  Scouse 19:12 18 Mar 2003

Hello people, just a quickie for the bargain hunters out there.

I wish to purchase some CDR's with slimline jewel cases. Having seen the regular prices I was wondering if I could save a few Quid buying in bulk.

Anyone with knowledge/ideas?


  _Treb_ 19:17 18 Mar 2003

click here 40 speed 80 minutes cdr £16.99 buy cases seperately

  _Treb_ 19:18 18 Mar 2003

click here 40 speed 80 minutes cdr £16.99 buy cases separately

  leo49 19:21 18 Mar 2003

click here

Similar prices but cheaper carriage and wider range.

I use both and both are reliable and quick.


  Bingalau 19:55 18 Mar 2003

As a fellow "Scouse" may I suggest "Makro" down the East Lancs Road. Or "Costco" I found "Makro" have a better selection and good brand names too.

  Scouse 20:12 18 Mar 2003

Treb, Leo49, thanx for the links, Ill take a look pretty soon.

Bingalau, I am Scouse by name and by birth, but I have emigrated to Essex. Couldn't resist those Essex girls!


  Bingalau 21:29 19 Mar 2003

Hi Scouse..Surely your mum never named you "Scouse" did she? By the way today is "International Scouse Day" in case you didn't know. (I'm a mine of useless information). Sorry I have only just got back to you. I have been grafting away on some sort of job or other. I think there must be a Makro store down in Essex, no doubt manned by all those Essex girls. There may even be a "Costco". They get some good computer bargains in stock now and again..Oh! well Scouse "Keep Kalm--Keep Kalm lad" Bingalau.....

  flecc 22:03 19 Mar 2003

Simply aren't usually cheapest, but they are running a special on 48x CD-Rs at the moment.

Staples are also cheap on the same Imation discs and a wide range of low cost paper and if you spend thirty pounds or more the delivery is free and next day.

  Scouse 22:22 19 Mar 2003

Bingalau, you were right about my Mother but I'm sure you know what I mean. The other half has been going "Burn Crazy" with my CD'Rs so I had to tell her to Calm Down, Calm Down.......

Flecc, thanx for the info on Simply, and I have a Staples store nearby, just near the McDonalds drive-thru actually...........Mmmmm, 2 birds, 1 stone, sounds good to me!


  Bingalau 19:42 20 Mar 2003

MacDonalds don't sell scouse do dey La?

  Scouse 22:27 20 Mar 2003

That link is the dogs B*****S. Just ordered 100 Verbatim 80min CDR, all with slimline jewel cases for just £32.79 including delivery.



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