Buying a case?

  Simsy 10:17 14 Aug 2010


I'm looking to put together a new PC and am pretty much decided on what I'm going to get, except for the case...

I think I'm going for either;
CoolerMaster 350, click here
CoolerMaster 355,click here
Antec 300 click here
Antec Solo click here

I'd welcome any advice on these, specifically, I have seen reference to one of them not including a case speaker, (so you can't hear the POST bleep... or warnings), and from what I can see from the pictures, which are often poor, either Power on light/LED or HDD active LED on the cases...

Are these features, (speakers/LEDs) no longer the norm with cases?

I'm not to concerned about the appearance, and I'm not a gamer, but I'm looking for quiet, with decent cooling.

(I have built PCs before, but not for a good while, and when I did the cheapest case was, by definition, the best! Though budget is not unlimited, it's no lonegr the concern it once was which is why I'm not looking at sub £20 offering which are out there!)

Thanks in advance for any pointers.



  gengiscant 10:32 14 Aug 2010

In my opinion cases 1&2 are ugly, 3 fine and 4 so so.
As for the case speaker, I have never had a case speaker on any of my many builds, this is what is used these days, click here
If you are not going to be gamming then I would imagine any case would as you will not,I assume be using a powerful GPU which can push up the noise levels somewhat.
A couple of quiet pc cases here.
click here
click here

  Simsy 10:53 14 Aug 2010

So it's normal for there not to be a case speaker to hear the POST beeps nowadays?

What about the Power/HDD LEDs ??



  gengiscant 11:13 14 Aug 2010

Not sure what you mean by "What about the Power/HDD LEDs ??" The pain of Pc assembly has always been the placement of the cables/wires which power the various front connections. HDD/Led's/reset buttons,they still remain.

  Simsy 11:15 14 Aug 2010

that in the pictures of the units I couldn't see if they actually existed. It looked to me as if they didn't...
So you are suggesting that they are still the norm?




  gengiscant 11:19 14 Aug 2010


  Simsy 11:21 14 Aug 2010

Can you see what I mean... In the models I listed they don't appear to be visible?



  gengiscant 12:38 14 Aug 2010

Sorry I am having a bad day,my brain is on a go slow.
What is it I am looking for in your listed cases?

  jack 12:51 14 Aug 2010

When I looked at your selection Simsy I was astounded at the price asked for what appears to be items of very 'flimsy construct'
It is for this reason that when ever I have carried out a rebuild- I wind up sticking to my 'e-star' case which is now at least 10 years old and has been gutted a few times in the interim.
It is made of much stouter metal than to days confections.
So I wonder if you are in the 'build' mode- would you consider a second hand ATX case that would have all the things you are looking for[ speaker, light clusters etc.],that you could refinish to your taste with Auto enamel if need be.

A better made, 'Custom' case unique to you
Just a thought

I also did a search for 'e-star' cases
didn't find a site for that but did come up with this which may be of interest- certainly price wise.
click here

  Simsy 13:47 14 Aug 2010

The LED lights that indicate when the power is on, and when the HDD is active.

Thanks for that,



  gengiscant 14:00 14 Aug 2010

Got you now, difficult one to answer as obviously the images are small,but my case click here the light are actually on the top, again not seen in the image.

So unless you email the place you are buying from or manage to look at each case yourself,its a tricky one.

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