buying the best 2.5 external hard drive for beginn

  oldandgrey 10:57 13 May 2007

I am quite a novice at these sorts of things. I am a volunteer secretary for a v. small charity and following absolute disaster when both my hard disk and slave failed, thus losing me 7 years of work (having backed up all to slave thought I was ok - shows I'm a novice) I now need a 2.5 external hard drive. Unsure which of my ports is USB2 although I see in Device Manager there is one - but of course I have printer, scanner etc runing from USB already. I am considering 160-250GB but having searched the web for many hours am so confused as to which to buy. I need idiot proof software etc. Please can anyone help

  johnnyrocker 11:00 13 May 2007

click here will provide all the help you need.


  Probabilitydrive 11:29 13 May 2007

"...losing 7 years of work.."! quite a loss. I would try recovering data from these hard drives. There are programmes, which are able (with varied success) recovering corrupted data.

External hard drives are plentiful and have recently quite dramatically fallen in price. Its a personal choice, which external HD suits best your needs. I have a "My book" Western Digital external HD 250. Its quiet, reliable and even looks like a book..;-)

Finally you might consider purchasing an USB hub to get all your other peripherals connected.

  oldandgrey 14:21 13 May 2007


Thanks for help I am now researching the larger (physically) models as it seems I would be better off with a 3.5 rather than 2.5 as it will run off the mains and not drain the pc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 13 May 2007

both my hard disk and slave failed

very rare for two drives to fail at the same time, can you give further details as we may be able to recover work from the drives

  oldandgrey 15:22 13 May 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat

The main hard drive and slave have been re-formatted so many times on advice from tech support guys that I am sure all is lost. I may have another try with the slave when I get around to putting it back in the "box" but I think it is probably not worth the effort as all my co-directors have accepted that most of the lost files are probably nothing to worry about. I did have most of important docs on CD (fortunately) - just things like masters are missing which is a pain.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 13 May 2007

Unfortunately Tech supports main piece of advice for ANYTHING is format and reinstall.
Which often cures the fault but loses everything in the process.

This is usually the last thing anyone should do when they have a PC problem!

  irishrapter 15:33 13 May 2007

For 3.5 external drives 160GB-320GB click here

And for 320+GB click here

For 2.5 drives click here

You get more GB for your money with the 3.5 drives but they are bigger in size than the 2.5 drives.
They also require you to plug in the mains adapter that comes with them so you need to have a spare power socket.

The 2.5 drives are a lot smaller! No power supply needed as they take power from the USB socket.
Just plug them in and away they go!

  oldandgrey 16:31 13 May 2007

You are all being helpful - in my ignorance I felt I had to go along with tech support as everything was still under warranty (by about 6 days!!).

With regards the smaller drive I just wondered if there would be too much strain on my pc if the power comes from that and not straight from the mains supply Also if I have to give it to a co-director who runs a very slow lap-top (I know because I had the use of it whilst my pc was poorly) would that be capable of running a 2.5 drive?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:39 13 May 2007

Running the drive off mains or off a laptop /computer will make little difference. Any drive you get will be interchangeable to any computer running XP or Vista and may need drivers for ME or 98. You can buy 8Gb pen drives (size of a lighter) for around £40 click here and this will hold vast amounts of info. Do you really need large drives?


  CodenameCueball 16:57 13 May 2007

if you need a good one you can try this click here its an expty exclosure then pick up a 200gb hard disk fit it. try this disk : click here not bad as a normal 3.5" external is around £100. £45 for a disk and £20 plus postage (expect about £15 max) = £80. nice deal!

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