Buying advise on £800 gaming Pc

  Cant.think.of.a.username 13:10 08 Sep 2007

I am looking at buying a new gaming PC and have a budget of £800.00.

I would be very greatful for feedback on cube247 as I like this deal

click here

Any other advise would be great ie other deals around / spec advise etc

thanks in advance


sorry posted too soon, 6700, 2 gb 800 ddrs 8800gts with xp pro works out just over £700, have a mess with the options, a first class company

  mrwoowoo 21:43 08 Sep 2007

Lots of gaming issues with the 8800gts.
Suggest you read a few reviews before you decide on this card.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 16:24 09 Sep 2007

Hi and thanks for input.

can't find many bad reviews on the 8800gts

click here

am I looking in the wrong places?

best bang for buck card is 8800gts by miles, has been for ages and shall remain so for a couple of months yet. most of the issues were using them with vista, as most people bought them for dx 10, which pretty much didnt happen, going to be dx10.1 and new cards in a few months.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 17:44 09 Sep 2007

Shall I hold onto my cash for a few months then?

I have a Dell Dimension 5000 at the mo but can't play alot of new stuff ( radeon x300 card ). I bought the thing for a home pc but have got back into gaming and want to be ready for Crysis and be able to play airborn.

I note that there isn't a real test yet DX10 cards so shall I wait. I am getting very frustrated as I am having to reduce settings on Counter Strike Source now and if I lose that my ( new ) world will end !!

  mrwoowoo 20:13 09 Sep 2007

these forums might interest you.
click here
click here
Still,it does seem like a stonking card though.
I'm in the same position as you.
Lost planet runs smooth enough but at almost basement settings.Still hanging on before i upgrade as i don't fancy vista yet.
ati 1650 pro
sempron 3400
2gb ddr pc 3200
Bioshobk is as smooth as silk though at medium settings.

  mrwoowoo 20:14 09 Sep 2007

Well it was smooth,but now it's bioshbk apparently.

  mrwoowoo 20:23 09 Sep 2007

just looked at your link.
About the same budget as myself.That pc looks very tempting for the money,and would seem hard to beat,especially if you need a monitor as well.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 20:30 09 Sep 2007

Thing is I not really clued up enough to attempt to build my own. So like the idea of warranty etc.

I am not put off by Vista as, lets be honest, we will all have it and I why not now?

When I first started playing games on my PC it was about 2 years ago and after having problems someone on a forum somewhere said 2 YEARS ago that I should immmedialetly buy a new card. I have ' managed ' all this time and want to buy something that I can upgrade when required.

I know I am probabley asking someone to look into a crystal ball but is now a good time to upgrade or shall I just play all of my old games till DX10 games have come out and prices drop??

Thanks for any help

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