Buying advice - Barton 2500 or Thoroughbred 2700?

  Spook Tooth 10:40 24 Mar 2003

The Barton 2500+ is £127 whilst the Thoroughbred 2700 is retailing for £209. I am aware of the relative technical mertits - I just want some help in choosing between the two (never normally have difficulty!).

My needs are purely for meeting the very demanding processor requirements of one particular resource hungry game, Battlefield 1942. Games are going this way at the moment, and there are particularly demands from this one as both a single player and online multiplayer game.

I want to finish the build of my present comp and upgrade the 1900+ (Palomino), having boosted ram to PC2700 (333MHz) - there's no problem about the 333MHz Bus, as it's an ASUS A7v333 board I have. Help the undecided if you can and tell me which one you would go for (I'd like to save myself a few bucks (the £80 difference if I could) and think the 2500+ is a reasonable price to pay, though I really want the raw processing power to be higher. What do you reckon?

  powerless 10:55 24 Mar 2003

CPUS's aint my thing.

But, the barton 2500 would be better with the extra 256 cache over the 2700.

Raw speed would be the 2700 as it works faster.

Difficult one but go for the 2500 for gameplay. Remember it's also the graphics card that helps a game. So if the card isnt up to it a faster CPU will not help. (well maybe a little)

You could go for the 2700 and get 80quids worth of RAM?

No matter what, you should see an imporovement.

  Spook Tooth 11:33 24 Mar 2003

Powerless, thanks for contributing. I have not the money to upgrade and get the Radeon 9700 Pro say to improve GPU perfomance but am doing okay graphics wise with an adequately performing GF4 4400 clocked to 4600 levels.

It's definitely a CPU issue and I have 1GB of PC2700 ram, and I don't think the mainboard will take anymore since fitting an extra 512MB module would slow it down to PC2100 speeds they tell me. (BIOS has been updated so who knows?)

Tom's mentioned no improvement from the doubling of level 2 cache to 256k (if I have it right), and the Barton 3000 performs worse than say, the 2800 I think, though clocked higher. I can't say if it'll be optimised later on or anything and the core size is the same I think, as the Tbred B core so no other cooling improvements. Maybe it runs on less voltage though, I think it might, making it more overclockable I think - but o/cing a CPU isn't really my game. Tom's is calling for the Opteron Athlon 64 release but prerelease prices indicate that is one massively priced chip, way out of my budget!

Any other thoughts would be greatfully received!

  powerless 11:41 24 Mar 2003

I have the same board and yes the memory speed drops if all three DIMMS sockets/slots are used.

Well you have plenty of RAM...

Your graphics card is ok as well.

If you read the PCA review on the 3000 they say it performs well. So who to believe PCA or tom?

2700 it is...

I do not think the opterons will work in the A7V333.

  Spook Tooth 11:54 24 Mar 2003

Thanks again Powerless - so you favour the 2700+ then? I am edging that way myself really...

The 3000+ is by no means a poor processor, far from it. It's only that it did not justify expectations that the new core was thought to bring with higher onboard cache. The opterons will only be compatible with suitable motherboard of course - not socket a.

So you have the Asus A7v333 also then? That's interesting to know - it's a popular board. I will wait for a few hours yet, to see if anyone else contribute to helping me make my mind up. I like the sound of the Barton core, being that I've waited so long for its release and it's at a good (and reasonbable) price. Ho hum...

  woodchip 11:57 24 Mar 2003

It reminds me of who's got the fastest car, it will be a heap of scrap in 6 months.

Ps Barton as more onboard cach Memory

  Spook Tooth 12:02 24 Mar 2003

Well - I've had the 1900+ a year and paid the same as the Barton 2500+ is presently costing. don't and never have had a car, but I share the same sentiment of forced obsolesence. The 1900+ certainly won't be going on the scrap heap though - it'll be a useful spare and then incorporated into a new build (or back into this one).

So Woodchip, you reckon I should go for the extra cache of the Barton then? That's 1 for the 2700+, 1 for the 2500+ and 1 (me) still undecided. Any more?

  powerless 12:05 24 Mar 2003

We live for 6 months woodchip.

2700 yes.

Save your money and go for 3000?

After that all new stuff will be needed. 3200 maybe usuable in the A7V333? The Asus site says nothing yet.

  woodchip 12:13 24 Mar 2003

I always go for the cheapest at the break point when prices are dropping. In other word best bang for the buck

  Spook Tooth 12:31 24 Mar 2003

Woodchip - that's my thoughts exactly, and what I did last time. You know what? I'm gonna just bite the bullet and go for the watershed Barton 2500+. The 2700 will be cheaper in the future and that's the way it works and in another 12 months I'll be back... (with the same question but with higher numbers).

Thanks both.

  ordep 17:24 24 Mar 2003

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